Posted by: mommyq | November 24, 2005

Stealing a moment….

My little angel is sleeping so, I decided to take some time to blog…

(just going to go and grab a tea first)


It has been a GREAT week. I found out some excellent news this week and it restored my faith that the good always does outweigh the bad! 🙂 I know that the cat is a little bit out of the bag but, not sure how out so, I will let the person that shared the good news with me, break the news in my comment section if he/she so feels inclined! 😉

Since Syd is about 1 month away from starting solids, I have started my more in depth research and I am REALLY looking forward to it! It amazed me how much there was to know about FOOD for infants so, being the anal gal that I am, I ahve come up with a feeding schedule for the first bit (during all of the food introductions) so that I can bring it with me to her next doctor’s visit and get her to look over it! (YOU PEOPLE CAN LAUGH ALL YOU WANT! ha ha) We are going to start with the cereals and get them tested for allergies (Rice, Barley then Oats) then, I plan to move on to a few of the veggies (like carrots and green beans) and then introduce fruits as well after she has some veggies out of the way. I cannot WAIT for this next big step in Syd’s developement and look forward to being spit up on with something OTHER than formula for a change!!! HA HA

So, the next group of pictures happend on Wednesday morning. Syd always wakes up happy and she chatters and laughs to her self until we come to get her. And just last week, she started blowing raspberries so, she has added this to her morning repetoir. Another thing she likes to do is the minute one of us walks into her room and says good morning, she squeals with delight! HA HA So, I decided on Wednesday to capture it on film:

Smiles for Mommy

Getting ready for a BIG squeal

Grabbing for the Camera

Blowing Raspberries

We got dressed up nice that day and went to the doctor out with our Baby P:

and, we got some EVENING pics in the Jumparoo to get better ones:

It is funny because the thing she likes to do BEST in the Jumparoo is to turn around and look out the window and watch all of the cars down below:

What a card!

Well…I hear the squawk box going in her room so, I should sign off for now and I will update more later….



  1. Congrats on getting Syd to nap today!! I just love my mommy time to myself too.
    She looks so tall in those pictures- lucky girl.

    • Yeah, she is getting sooo long. Her weight puts her in the 10th percentile but, in height she is 80 percent +!

      Mommy time is WONDERFUL and, babies that go down for a nap without much of a fuss are a dream! LOL

  2. Isn’t the way of life so mysterious sometimes?

    Here I have been given a miracle and am SO happy and feel SO blessed and right next to me sits my co-worker who just found out that his 3 year-old nephew has brain cancer 😦


    • Oh Cath! That is heartbreaking!

      Celebrating and enjoying the wonderful things in life is what gives us the strength and determination to get through the bad stuff.

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