Posted by: mommyq | December 6, 2005

Crazy times!

Right about now I would give anything to sleep in and have a day of NOTHINGNESS! LOL Days seem to be going by so quickly and just blurring into each other. I think tomorrow, when Pat gets home (he is on nights) I will let him play with the baby and have some much needed SLEEEEP!

Where to start…I cannot keep up with uploading pics of Syd because I have been going picture CRAZY lately. So, I still have pics in my camera but, I am saving them for another blog because I already am on overload.

Thursday, we had Syd’s 5 MONTH Well Baby check-up and her stats are groovy:

Weight: 13 lbs 3 ounces
Height: 25.5 inches

We talked about solids and I had my little notebook full of questions! We have decided to start Syd on Brown Rice Cereal so she gets a bit more fiber to help with her constipation. So, off to the health food store for me. I am going to pick some up next time I am out but, still want to wait as close to 6 months as possible. The doctor said we could start any time but, I just don’t see the need and I don’t want to rush it (and ruin her GREAT night time sleeping).

That morning, I managed to get some cute pics of Syd laying on our bed watching TV. I was folding laundry right next to her and when I looked over, her shirt had come up and she didn’t care because her eyes were intently fixed on the boob tube:

Once I fixed her shirt and turned off the distraction, I was able to get her to pose for some nicer pics:

We got all dressed up and I decided to take a stab at putting her hair in a poneytail and OMG IT LOOKED SO ADORABLE (and I am not biased at ALL). It took a few shots to get just the right angle so you could see it:

She looks soo grown up in that picture my heart ACHES. My little baby is looking less and less like a baby every day.

Friday was our Christmas pictures day! Our appointment was at 9:30 so, we were up early and out of the house by 8:45. I put Syd in regular clothes and brought her Christmas outfit with me because I didn’t want to risk her spitting up all over it! The pictures turned out great so we ordered some family shots, a pic of Syd in her christmas dress and another of her wearing nothing but a santa hat. Unfortunately, I didn’t as enough questions when I called to book with Wal-mart (who turned out to be one of the only ones with any dates still left) and, it takes them just over 2 weeks to get everything back to yoU! 😦 So, our pics won’t be ready till December 20th!! We were hoping to do Christmas cards with pictures but, the 20th is just way to late. So, I may get out my handy digital, create my faux studio and do my own Christmas card pics!

We got home and spent the rest of the day doing stuff around the house. Pat was working at 3pm so, we didn’t get much done! LOL Syd however had a blast and spent a good 35 minutes trying to eat her feet:

It is so funny the way she sticks her big toe in her mouth and starts sucking! LMAO However, we are encouraging this as our Physiotherapist said this is one of the ways they develop the tummy muscles required to crawl.

After daddy went to work, Syd and I slaved in teh kitchen baking a cake. We had a party to go to the next day and it was part of my dessert. I would be remiss if I did not capture my first baking experience with my daughter on film so, here we are:

and with the finished product:

It took me about 10 shots to actually get her looking even remotely CLOSE to the camera. She was mesmerized by the chocolaty goodness!

Saturday, Sandra hosted an afternoon event in her party room. Each year, we girls get together and decorate Gingerbread houses and, Sandra graciously offered to host this year. So, Syd got decked up in her Christmas finest for the party and we took some pictures with a tree that was JUST her size!

She had some rough spots in the day (due to her..I am nosy and cannot nap when there is STUFF going on) but, for the most part, she seemed to really have a good time. After the party, I stuck around to help Sandra prepare for the evening festivities. She decided to host a little X-mas get together since she already had the party room booked. So, we got Syd off to bed at about 6:30 and put her in the next room (under lock and key) in her playpen and brought out the baby monitor. She did not make a peep the entire night so, Pat and I were able to enjoy some great company, some even greater food and a fun night of poker after the meal. Being the hardcore parents that we are, we ended up staying until the end of the party which rolled around at about 3am!!!!!!!!!!!! (YIKES) We packed up the car, put Syd into her carseat and headed for home. Syd went down without a fuss but, Pat and I didn’t get to bed until 4am!!! I paid for this in SPADES the next morning. However, since Pat was working at midnight Sunday night, he was kind enough to watch the baby in teh morning and let me get a few extra hours of shut eye. Ahhh, I remember teh good old days when we were younger and a few extra hours would have done the trick and we would have been back on track by afternoon! LOL In our older years, the recovery time from something like this spans DAYS!

So, that brings us to today (I am falling asleep at my computer so, I am hoping to finish up soon! LOL). My mom had to have some day surgery done at Centennary and Syd had physio so, we spent all day at the hospital. Syd’s physio went well in the morning and the therapist says she is 100% back to centre. She worked with us a bit and gave us some excersises to work on at home to get some more strength in her trunk (gotta love going to a physio for neck help and then getting all of the added tips and tricks!) and she booked us in for late January for a follow up to make sure all is well. After physio, we went to track down my mom and sit with her before she went in for her procedure. Syd was the hit of the Day Surgery department and all of the people in the waiting room were just fussing all over her! LOL She, loved every minute of it and hammed it up with plenty of smiles, cooes and giggles! HA HA At this point (12pm) Pat was feeling sleepy so, I drove him home to go to bed (working nights this week). Syd and I went to Costco since my mom’s procedure and recovery was going to be about 2 hours and I didn’t think she could handle 2 hours of sitting around doing nothing. We got back to the hospital at about 3:30 and got in to see my mom at about 4pm. Syd was a hit again with the day surgery unit nurses and a few of the other patients waiting to go home! She was SUCH a good baby all day. My mom had a bit of a reaction from the general anesthesia that made her feel sick to her stomach so, they gave her some gravol (which extended the recovery time!) By the time she was ready to go, it was 6:30 and little miss sweetness was starting to head south (remember, usually at this time every night, she has just had her bath and is getting ready for bed). We got home at about 7:30 and I just changed her into her sleeper, fed her and sent her off to la la land which she is still currently visiting! LOL

Well, I am too tired to proof-read this so, I hope it all makes sense and there isn’t tooo many typos! I am off to bed and hoping to get at LEAST 7 good hours of sleep!



  1. Oh Sue how is your mom, I hope everything went ok
    Stephanie had the baby, and sue he is so cute, Olivia saw him and goes wow he has the same amount of hair like sydney. hahaha.
    We are so happy and excited I cannot believe how much I love the little guy already.
    I changed him on stephs bed yesterday I got the diaper off and cleaned him before i even got the new diaper on him he pooped all over stephs bed, I got in trouble from the nurse, but the nurse was really nice and was laughing also. ( It came out like a volcano erupting, hahaha, it was so funny.
    No sydney has a new little cousin to play with next christmas they will be chasing each other around.

    • I mean Now sydney, has a new cousing.


      still to tired i guess. and excited.

      • oh man i give up cant spell for nothing right now.


      • Hi Teta! Congratulations!!

        I cannot wait to see him!!! Tell Steph to let me know when they are ready for company so we can plan a visit!

      • I will, she had a ceasearan like you so you know whats its like the first two weeks or so, but she is doing better they are home now.

        He is so cute I just love him so much, he took a soother yesterday, and sucked like mad, and held it with his hand so we could not take it out, and when we did take it out he gets mad. hahaha. He already has attitude I love it.

        I will send some pictures as soon as Hemes downloads some on the computer, he has so much hair its too cute.

        I love Sydney in that outfit she is so adorable cant wait to see her at christmas, she will look so big compared to Makaio
        thats his name, Makaio sounds like Mateo.

        Teta Mila

      • That is so exciting! The fun time ahead….

        I cannot wait to see the pics!!!

  2. Great pics Sue!! I hope everything went ok with your mom and I hope she is doing well 🙂


    • Hey Cath, everything went great with my mom! I went and spent the day with her yesterday and she is feeling pretty good.

  3. Sydney looks beautiful in her Christmas outfit!! I hope you get some sleep Sue!!


    • Thanks Nicole. I am planning for her to get LOTS of wear out of that dress this season! LOL

  4. Sounds like you’ve been a busy bee! Guess it is that time of year. I love the photo of Syd and the cake.

    Hope your mom feels better.

    Get some rest!


    • Thanks Pam.

      Syd was just in LOVE with the cake! I took me a good 10 minutes to get her to look away from it! LOL

      • Cake trumps Camera!

  5. Oh Sue, she is just TOO CUTE in that dress!!!! 🙂

    Sounds like you have been busy! Hopefully you can get some rest soon (ha!! Ya right!). Try and rest when you can. {{HUGS}}

    • Rest? What is rest? LOL I am too pooped to pop agan today. I was hoping to get some rest while Pat was off the last few days but, that didnt work out so well! LOL

  6. re: “She looks soo grown up in that picture my heart ACHES. My little baby is looking less and less like a baby every day.”

    I TOTALLY understand this. I am so proud of Ethan and watching him grow into this sweet, charismatic little boy but at the same time it breaks my heart (some days to the point of tears) to see my darling baby grow up so fast.


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