Posted by: mommyq | December 19, 2005


I started Syd on her 3rd cereal today….Oatmeal and as I was expecting, she LOVED it! So, now all of the cereals have been introduced and once the 5 day wait is over, we get to start on yummy vegetables. I am so proud of my little poops because she has tried everything and never once has she made a stinky face. Now, I am sure we will get more reactions with the veggies and stuff but so far, so good.

We had a busy day today. Pat worked from 12am-8am last night and had a Dr’s appointment this morning. After his appointment, he came home and got Syd and I and we headed to the mall to get some more of our X-mas shopping done. While at the mall, we decided to get Syd’s santa pics done since the santa had a real beard, looked pretty decent AND there was barely a line.

I was a bit worried that she would freak out but, she was a good girl and hammed it up for the camera:

After we got the pics done, we split up and did some shopping for each other! 🙂 While I was finishing my shopping, I called Wal-mart to see if our X-mas pics were ready and they were so, we picked them up on our way home. I am sooo happy with the way they turned out:

Syd in her little Santa dress.

Playing in the “snow”.

We couldn’t decide between this pose and the one above so we picked both! HA HA

And, our family picture:

We got home at about 4pm and Pat went to get some sleep! LOL Poor guy had been up since 8pm the night before. He isn’t working tomorrow so, he will probably get up shortly so he can get to bed tonight at a decent time and get back on track for tomorrow. We are taking Syd at 11am for her 6 month check up!!!! She will be getting her regular shots and most likely her flu shot as well. I have not yet made up my mind on it and have a few questions for hte doctor before deciding. So, I will be sure to post tomorrow afternoon with an update! 🙂

Well, I am off to go and have some tea and put my feet up for a bit but, I will leave you all with some pics from our recent home “photo” studio adventure.

Hope everyone has a WARM night (it is freaking freezing here!!!)



  1. Suzie- the pictures turned out great!! Is that the Pickering Town Center Santa? I know he has a real beard too. We are freezing here tonight too!! I’m sipping hot cocoa trying to warm up. Way to go Syd for eating all her cereals well!! I’m sure she’ll love the veggies.

    • Yes, it is the Pickering Town Santa! He was pretty decent! I love it!

      Veggies start tomorrow so I will be sure to get tons of pics!

  2. Did Sydney like barley?? Mollie gave me the weirdest face today when I gave her some. She loves the rice cereal and has eaten banana, carrots, squash and pears and seems to like them all but the barley today she didn’t finish her normal amount and made weird faces.

    • Actually, Sydney LOVED Barley. So far, it was her favorite. My husband says that means she will be a big beer drinker! LMAO

      But, they say it can take them some time to get used to certain tastes so to just keep trying them.

      • hmm I wonder also if it makes a difference because Sydney is frmula fed. Breastmilk is slightly sweeter and maybe that is why she doesnt seem to like the barley stuff as much – it didnt seem as sweet when I tried it.

  3. DUCKIES!!! I love the duckies! The Christmas pics rock too, but I LOOOOOOOOVE the duckies best!

    And Sue, you are one HOT mama!! You look smokin’ in the family pic!


    • Yeah, the duckies were too cute!

      And thanks San! I can always count on you for a good ego boost! LOL

  4. Syd looks so happy in the picture with Santa!!!! And so big!


    • Yeah, she was in a great mood when we went to see Santa! We got a smile out of her the first shot!

  5. I love your family pic Suzie!! It looks awsome 🙂

    Sydney looks right at home on Santa’s lap. I am sure he will spoil her with lots of goodies 🙂

    Take Care


    • Thanks Carol!

      Yes, I have a “feeling” that Santa will be very good to her this year! LOL

  6. LOVE the family picture!!!
    Sue, the pictures were really worth the wait, you all look fantastic!

    The Santa picture turned out really well too. I love that open-mouth grin she is doing lately. 🙂

    • Thanks Dana! We are soo happy with them.

      Yeah, her grins are the best although, lately she has been doing this close mouthed smile that is TOO cute for words (my new entry will have a pic of her new smile/smirk)

  7. Suzie!! The picture’s came out beautiful!!! She is such a little ham 🙂 Love the family pic!!!


    • Thanks Nicole. Yes, my little girl certainly is a ham in front of the camera!

  8. I love the family photo – it’s my favourite although there is competition. I love the colour of your hair right now – suits you.

    Congrats on the cereals! I can’t believe she’s almost 6 months old already. I’m sure your Christmas will be a memorable one 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

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