Posted by: mommyq | December 22, 2005

6 MONTH Update!

Time certainly is flying. My little boo is turning 6 months old on Christmas day!!!

We had her 6 month well baby check up on Tuesday and she had her last round of shots till 12 months! Whew! She was a real trooper about it! She cried for a few minutes but then settled right down and when we got her home, she had a nice long 2.5 hour nap!!!!

Syd’s stats:

Weight: 13lbs 12oz. (10th percentile)
Length: 26 inches
Head: 42 cm

She weighed in a little less than I was expecting but, the doctor is not worried. I do however have to take her for some blood work this week as the doc wants to check for anemia. She is fairly confident that she isn’t anemic because she has good color but is just a bit on the pale side so, she wants to air on the side of caution and have it checked out! 😦

We have been busy this week getting all of the last minute Christmas shopping done. I have 2 more items to pick up tomorrow and almost everything is wrapped! I cannot believe how quickly Christmas snuck up on us this year!!!

Some pics from the week:

Syd pantsing around:

Crazy bed head!

Hamming it up for the camera:

Funny story to go with the next pic. We had Syd propped up on a pillow in the middle of our bed while we were folding some laundry. She fell over but, instead of getting upset, she just continued on chewing on her rattle.

And, Syd’s new smile. I had her sitting in her chair right before we left for the doctor’s office and I managed to catch her new grin on camera.

It is sooo cute the way she does it because her little cheeks puff up like a chipmunk!

Then she went all HOME ALONE:

and then back to grinning as she started to leannnn.

Well, I am off to get some house work done and get my laundry put away!



  1. Suzie- I can’t believe how tiny Syd is. That is so sweet. Vanessa was 16 lbs at her 4 months apt. She has her 6 mth apt. in the New Year. I can’t wait to get her new stats!! The pictures are too cute. I just love all of her hair!! You will have to start getting some bows and ribbons in there.

    • Yup, she is such a small fry! I cannot believe how big Vanessa is! WTG!

      I have some stuff for her hair but she never sits long enough for me to get them in! LOL She is a bit of a squirmy worm.

  2. Hey Sue – I don’t see Syd grinning – LOL. I see a guy who’s working the night shift with a camera-happy wife.

    • HA HA HA!! Tired mommy! I fixed it!

  3. Sue, she looks just like the girls when she does her new grin!!! TOO CUTE!!

    • Oh Dana, these are the pictures that I cling to when everyone says, “OMG, she looks exactly like PAT!” Ha ha, at least it shows that she looks something like me!

  4. What a little peanut!!! Hope you enjoy your first Christmas with your new little family!!!

    Love, Nicole

    • Thanks Nicole!

      We had a great Christmas! Hope yours was enjoyable as well!!

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