Posted by: mommyq | December 29, 2005

Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas! Ours was busy busy busy but wonderful! We managed to work around Pat’s work schedule and carve out some family time! LOL

Syd had her first taste of veggies on Friday and it was the funniest thing ever! She gagged after every bite but, opened her mouth for more! LOL I have since concluded that it was most likely the texture so, I have been adding a bit of water to it since and we have had no more gagging! YAY. We started with Squash and it has been a hit:

Here she is patiently waiting for her favorite time of the day…FOOD!

I’m not so sure about this mom.

Really, REALLY not so sure.

OK, lay some more on me…

Pat was working Christmas Eve at midnight so, the plan was, I was going to go to my moms early (3pm) and he would come later for dinner and then head off to work. However, plans changed and they called him in for 7pm so, he missed dinner and presents. The plus side was that he got off at 7am instead of 8am and was able to make it home before Syd got up! She had plans of her own and slept in till 8:30AM! (the one time she sleeps in is the time when we want her to get up!! LMAO) So, we took the extra time and opened our presents. I got a whole bunch of great loot. I didn’t really want any big ticket items so, my Christmas list this year was full of little things.

Syd woke and came out to see her gift from Santa:

and then opened her gifts from mommy and daddy. Daddy then took his little girl off for some morning cuddles. He was dog tired and ready to go to sleep for a few hours but, wasn’t ready to part the scene.

Pat crashed for a few hours and woke up just as Grandma and Grandpa Q arrived. They were heading out of town for Christmas but, wanted to stop in on their way so we could do our gift exchange! 🙂 We had a nice visit and Syd had fun just sitting and relaxing.

She sat so nicely on Grandma’s lap the entire time. I bet she knew that if she did, Grandma would help her open her present! Syd loved the wrapping paper soooo much she decided to try it and add some more fiber to her diet:

We all said goodbye at about 11:30 or so and then we were off to get ready for the afternoon! We had lunch plans and didn’t want to be too late.

Syd got to wear her new pretty party dress:

and spent the afternoon charming everyone with her smiles.

We came home at about 5pm and just spent a quite night together. After we put Syd down for the night, Pat and I relaxed in bed and watched some TV. Since he hadn’t slept much that day, he was snoozing by about 9pm.

Pat worked boxing day from 7am – 3pm and then we were off to Peterborough to visit Grandma and Grandpa H. Syd stirred a bit at 7:30 but, when I went in to get her at 8am she was still sleeping. I have been finding her like this:

more often lately so, I think it is time to get some crib bumpers! LOL She has become quite the master scootcher! With all of the SIDs scares, I am so afraid to get bumpers but, I have managed to find some that are mesh and still alow air to circulate in the crib:

So, I will have to see if I can find some in the stores here in Canada since these were found on the US Toys R Us site.

We spent the morning playing with ALL of her new toys

and then got dressed and ready. Pat came in the door and was dressed and ready to go within 15 minutes so, we made good time.

I of course had Syd ready well in advance and we were able to get some pictures of her in her new Piglet attire (a Christmas gift from Mommy and Daddy):

She is really starting to sit well. When she is in the mood, she can last a few minutes before leaning or toppling over!

We had a great time visiting with everyone and had a wonderful dinner. Syd was SUCH a good girl and didn’t cry at all. During dinner, I set her up on the floor with some toys and she entertained herself and let mommy have a hot meal! LOL She made it through some of the present opening and then started to get a bit cranky. I put her in her carseat in a dark bedroom and rocked her off to la la land. She stayed asleep for about an hour and then woke up with a start. I decided it would be useless to get her to sleep again so, she came out and played a bit more before we left. We put her and her cousin Ethan on the chair together and we laughed as we watched them. At first, Ethan was more interested in everyone else and payed little attention to Syd as she stroked his head and touched his ears.

At one point, she was so intent to get his attention that she almost rolled right on top of him! HA HA

Then, Ethan was on the attack…Syd didn’t like THAT game as much:

But, in the end, she gave in.

We left at about 10pm and Syd slept all the way home. She didn’t wake up till I was getting her out of the carseat and she fussed a bit before finally drifting back to sleep!

All in all, it was a great Christmas holiday and we have spent the last few days getting our living room back to normal and catching up on laundry. Syd had the sniffles yesterday and all she wanted to do all day was cuddle so, I didn’t get much done. However, I did relish the cuddle time because I know as she gets older and starts wanting to explore more, the cuddles will become fewer and further between. She got tons of rest yesterday and seems to be back to herself today so, I am glad.

On the nap front, I am soooo happy that I persevered with the NOT rocking to sleep and letting her figure out how to do it on her own because our nap life has become MUCH smoother. I give her a bottle between 8am-9am, the cereal and veggies between 10am-10:30 and then 11am, she is off for a nap. I give her some kisses, put her in her crib with her blankie, and turn on her ocean wonders music. She usually plays for a few minutes and then goes off to sleep till about 12pm! Then, we have another afternoon nap that goes just as smooth! Life is GREAT!

On the food front, we had Avocado today and it was a BIG hit! And, Syd is up to 3 tbs of cereal (that is the dry measure before mixing with water) which I am amazed she can finish after having polished off 2 tbs of veggies! She eats this 2x per day (breakfast and lunch) and always finishes everything that I prepare. She really is turning into a little “Piglet”. After Avocado we have Sweet Potato in the freezer and those are the only ones I have prepared so, I will have to get cracking on making new baby foods. All of the girls on my baby board are laughing at me because I have a food schedule spreadsheet in Excel but, it has really helped to keep me organized and in knowing what date I introduce everything. Otherwise, I would lose track of what day we were on with any given food! LOL After sweet potato we are moving on to Pears, Wax Beans and Bananas!

Well, I should go and get some stuff done while Syd is still napping!



  1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

    Looks like you had a great Christmas!! Caden has that dinosaur with the balls & he LOVES it!!! Syd looks so pretty in her redd dress 🙂

    Love, Nicole

    • Re: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

      Hey Nicole! Yes, the holidays were WONDERFUL but, we are just now getting back on track from being SOOO busy.

      Hope you guys had a good one as well!

  2. What a great holiday!!

    Hey Suzie- looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Don’t you love how it lasts days and days. Good eating Syd!! That’s great that she loves everything so far.
    Hope you guys had a happy new year and all the best for a happy & healthy 2006!


    • Re: What a great holiday!!

      Thanks Lor, hope your holidays were just as wonderful!

  3. All I can say is how adorable is SYD??????? SHe is cute cute CUTE!!!!

    Ok, I have to go make a baby now…

    • So, how is the baby making coming Sandra?

  4. Sue! I am so glad Syd got the dress in time to wear it for the holidays!! It looks adorable on her. 🙂

    Looks like Syd had a great first Christmas!

    • Thanks again for the great gift!!

      It looks like it should fit her for a while still so, we are hoping to get some professional pics done in it since she looked so adorable!

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