Posted by: mommyq | January 8, 2006


Well, my new years wish is only 8 days late! LOL

I cannot believe that I went this long without updating! Things have just be sooo busy with the holidays, Pat’s schedule, etc. etc. etc.

We had a pretty low key New Year this year but, it was exactly the way we wanted it! 🙂 We spent the day together at home and, I took to the task of getting Syd’s hair into pig tails for our night out. She was such a good girl and sat in her Bumbo and watched Baby Einstein while I fussed with her hair. She has had quite the rash on her shoulders and back for a few weeks so, we just let her sit around in her diaper all lubed up while we were busy getting ready…

We got everything packed up and we were out the door only about 15 minutes behind schedule so, we were pretty proud of ourselves! LOL We grabbed our Timmies and got onto the highway…. It was then that I realized the bottles that I had packed were still sitting on the counter at home!!!! So, instead of doing the smart thing (turning around and going back for them) I figured it would be easier to just stop at a store, buy a bottle and some bottled water (I had the formula dispenser and was just missing the bottles and the water). Well, that turned out to be NOT the smartest idea. We got off the highway and hoped to pass a Shoppers on the way…we didn’t…so, we just kept driving until we hit one (which was about 15 minutes PAST where we needed to go). I jumped out and went in only to find that they were out of stock in the bottles that we use (Advent) so, I picked something else and hoped that Syd would be ok with a different nipple.

When we got there, I washed the new bottle and nipple and prepared some formula for Syd. I got us both settled and she started to suck. It was about 15 minutes later that I looked down from my conversation and realized that the formula in the bottle didn’t appear to be diminishing!! Turns out, the nipple that I had purchased (Playtex Advanced or something) needed to be pierced? What the hell? Poor kid was sucking away without complaint for 15 minutes!

We had a great evening visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Q and Syd’s aunts and uncles. She was a good girl and was laughing and smiling for the bulk of the night.

We left for home at about 8pm and settled Syd in for the night and then just spent a relaxing evening together. At midnight, we watched the ball drop, kissed and headed for bed! LMAO We were probably both asleep by about 1am!

New Years Day we spent relaxing at home and playing with Syd and all of her new toys. In the afternoon, we decided to break out Pat’s new poker chip set and play some Poker. Syd was wiping the floor with both of us..

Come on god..a little help please…Sydney needs a new pair a shoes…

The last week has been pretty busy as well. Pat was working afternoons but also taking a course on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so, he was out the door at 7am, out of the course and off to work at 3pm and then home by about 12pm to have some dinner, do some homework and then hit the sack to start it all again the next day! 😦 He was able to come home on Friday for an hour before heading off to work and Syd looked at him as if to say, “and WHERE have you been mister?”

We were going to have some friends over Saturday night but, they had to cancel due to sickness so, we got to spend a nice day together. We decided at the last minute to have a mini date night Saturday so, we ordered in Panzos from Pizza Nova and rented Fantastic Four off of pay-per view. Sunday was a special treat for me…since Pat was switching to nights, he didn’t want to sleep in late so, he got up at 7:30 with the baby, changed her, fed her, washed nipples, cleaned the kitchen and then woke me up at 10am with breakfast in bed. We decided to go out for a bit and hit the Pickering Flea Market. We grabbed some lunch when we got there and walked around for a few hours afterwards. When we got home, Pat went to bed to get his rest in for the night shift and my mom came over to visit and play with Syd.

as you can see, she is getting really good at tummy time and is holding her head up so well!

she is also getting the rolling down pat as well. So much so that when I went in to get her from her afternoon nap, she was laying on her stomach and had rolled to the top of her crib and turned sideways so she was laying along the width of the crib! LOL

Well, it is midnight on Sunday and I am ready for bed!!!



  1. Syd looks so grown up in her white pants and red shirt!!


    • Thanks Cath,

      Yes, she is…growing up too fast if you ask me.

  2. What a cutie pie! Happy 2006!! 🙂

    • Thanks Dana! Hope you had a good New Year as well and hope you are feeling better now! 🙂

  3. She looks so sweet with her pigtails Sue!!! Happy New Year!!

    Nicole 🙂

    • Thanks Nicole! Happy New Year to you as well!!!

  4. I absolutely love the look of sheer glee on her face sitting on the couch in her pretty red fur-lined dress. I love all of the pics actually, but that one takes the cake!!

    Happy 2006!! And what is your New Year’s wish that is 8 days late? hmmmmm? are we pg with a little brother and/or sister for Syd? lol


    • No, no, no….bite your tongue! Just busy with a teething baby is all!

  5. Suzie- I bought Iain that same poker set for Christmas. I’m so jealous that you get to put Syd’s hair in pigtails already. She looks so cute.
    Sounds like you guys some nice holiday time together. Happy New Year!

    • Awwww, I am sure Vanessa’s hair will be long enough soon. You don’t need much to do some little pigtails! LOL

  6. Happy New

    Wow – I can’t believe how quickly 2005 went. Syd’s more than 6 months old already. I haven’t had a lot of time to log on lately so I can’t believe how grown up she’s looking – quite a shock!

    Hopefully 2006 is as wonderful a year for you, Pat and Syd as 2005!

    Talk to you soon.


    • Re: Happy New

      Thanks Pam! Hope you guys had a great new year as well!

      It is going to be hard for us to top 2005 but, we will try! LOL

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