Posted by: mommyq | January 13, 2006

We have a TOOTH!!!!!!!

This whole growing up thing is happening WAY too fast!!! Sydney’s first tooth came in yesterday!!! I had been feeling something harder for the last 3-4 days but, it was still under the skin. Then finally, during yesterday’s sweep, I felt something sharp!!! I for one was very happy to see it come in because babies teething are NO fun! LOL

Solids are coming along really well. We are doing 3 days between new food so, she has alreayd had a good assortment of fruits and vegetables. Today we start peas and we just finished with Banana’s (which she LOVED LOVED LOVED). The only one she has really been bothered with was Green Beans but, home-made green beans have some little chunks in them (because the skin is so tough it doesn’t puree well) so, I got her some jar green beans and she ate them without complaint. I have since then been mixing the homemade green beans with other foods and they have been fine. I also think that home-made baby food has a much stronger taste so, it could have just been a bit much for her immature palat.

We finally got to give her the Baby Safe Feeder (her Christmas stocking stuffer) and it was a BIG hit. Basically, it is a mesh baggie that is attached to a base with a ring. You put chunks of food into the mesh baggie, close it up and hand it off to the baby. They can then suck, chew, etc. on the baggie and it only allows a small amount of the food to come through the mesh so, no choking risk.

It is also really great for teething. I put one of her frozen baby food cubes in it and she knaws on it and then gets the satisfaction when the cube melts up a bit and it starts seeping through the bag. The only BAD thing about it is is a pain in the but to clean and is one of those things that has to be rinsed and washed right after using to get it properly cleaned.

Not much else to update…Pat has been working A LOT. But, we always manage to squeeze in some good family time. He was home Wednesday night so, he took Syd with him to Newmarket (he wanted to check out an Education store) and I got a few hours to myself. Unfortunately, I had house work to catch up on so, I didn’t do anything fun BUT, my kitchen, hall and main bathroom are SPOTLESS! I find those the hardest rooms to clean when I have Syd because she is usually in the living room or our bedroom. Then, in the evening he gave her her bath. I walked in to see QUITE a sight…

I have 2 children! LMAO

Today we are going out with my mom to do some shopping. Pat is off from work Wed-Fri but, he had a course to teach yesterday and today so, he only had the 1 day off! 😦 He has Sunday off as well but, he is taking an instructor course. But, the good news is, his night shift scheduled for next week was changed to days (7am-3pm)!! That is always good!!

In other news, I am going to be 31 in a few weeks!!!! I cannot believe it! I am creeping my way towards middle age! ::::::: crying silently ::::::::: However, so far, my 30’s have been pretty wonderful so, I am not going to complain. But…….AGING IS STILL HARD! HA HA

Well, I should sign off and go tend to my cute little poops that is happily laying on my bed watching Charlie and Lola.



  1. Congrats Sydney on your first tooth!!!! Love the mesh feeder. That is such a great idea. I wish they had those when my two were babes 🙂

    Take Care


    • Thanks Carol! The mesh feeders are SOO fantastic! Thumbs up to whomever invented them!

  2. Congratulations on your tooth Syd!!! Caden had one of those safe feeder things & in the summer I put ice cubes in it! He loved it & it kept him hydrated and cool 🙂 That might help if she’s teething too!!!


    • Thanks Nicole!

      Yeah, she loves cold stuff in her feeder. She just gnaws away at it.

  3. A tooth?!?!?! Already!!!!! Wow – but it sounds like you have it covered what with the self feeder and all.

    That is probably one of my favourite pics of all time….you can see where she gets her hair from.

    • Yup, a tooth. Everything I read said they can show any time from 3 months to a year! So, I guess we were just the lucky ones that got it a bit early! LOL

  4. Congrats on the first tooth!! What a milestone!!

    I loved our baby safe feeder! It was great when we would eat out b/c I would put some of our food in it and it would keep baby quiet the entire time! Although bananas in it are a b!%ch to clean…

    Love Dane 🙂

    • Thanks Dane! BANANAS were the WORST by far! It took me forever and I had to get in there with a toothpick because it just would not come clean!

  5. Wow, I can’t believe Syd already has her first tooth!!!!


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