Posted by: mommyq | January 20, 2006

My new HERO!

First, I just wanted to say thanks everyone for your well wishes and prayers.

My mom had her first treatment yesterday and she was AMAZING. She was anxious and scared at first but, as soon as the treatment started and she realized all was ok, she just perked right up. When we were done and walking around the hospital she said to me, “I thought for sure the minute they started the chemo, I was going to die from a heart attack. As soon as that didn’t happen I was ok!” LOL She was so brave and so strong and had her spirits up the entire day. She is my new hero because I don’t know many people that could have handled it as well as she did. She was feeling good yesterday after her treatment and when I spoke with her this morning she said she feels good so, it looks like she won’t be one of the ones that reacts badly to it! Now we just have to worry about keeping her healthy and away from anybody sick since between day 7-14 after treatment, she will be fairly immune suppressed and is at risk of catching something.

Well, I am off to get Syd ready and head out!



  1. Suzie- that is great to hear that your mom is doing well after her chemo. Sounds like she is a very strong women.

  2. Sue, I’m so glad your mom did well!


  3. Sue, I was thinking of you guys all day yesterday. That is GREAT news that your Mom is not feeling ill. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she continues to feel well.


    Love Dane 🙂

  4. I’m so glad that it went well – and that she’s feeling good. I was thinking about you guys on Thursday.


  5. Oh Suzie that is wonderful news 🙂 So glad to hear your mum did well yesterday. Still keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers

    Take Care


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