Posted by: mommyq | January 26, 2006

What happened to baby steps?

I swear it is like my little girl woke up from a deep slumber this week and decided it was time to get the ball rolling! She turned 7 months on Wednesday and from yesterday morning till just now, I have seen the following new progress:

1. Rolling – she was having some trouble with this and seemed to be content just to lay there and watch everything from a safe position on her back or on her tummy. She would roll on the odd occasion but always only once one way or the other. Yesterday afternoon she just took off and before I could blink she had made her way from one side of the room to the other and, before I could get the video camera out, she had made her way over to another spot in the living room where her dino was!!

2. Looking for things and going for them! Again, as mentioned, she was always happy to look at her toys and unless they were within an arms reach, she wouldn’t bother to try and get them. Since the rolling started, she has been eyeing things and making her way over to grab them with such fierce determination. She has even as of this evening started to swim and try and pull herself towards something if it is directly in front of her.

3. Both times I was feeding her today, every time the spoon came near her mouth, she would reach out, grab it and help me guide it to her mouth! She has really good co-ordination…when I figured out what she was trying to do, I let her do the moving of the spoon (keeping my hand on it still because I am a mean mommy and not yet willing to give up that control! HA HA) and every time, she got it square in her mouth.

4. Vocalizing. Today, she added about 15 different sound and combinations to her usually coos, ahhs, ma ma’s and ba ba noises.

5. SITTING!! She is now sitting all on her own for a VERY lengthy period of time. Before yesterday, she could only last about a minute before she toppled over. Yesterday, she sat and played for a good 20 minutes and today, she flopped over forwards after only about 10 minutes but, she did it on purpose to get a toy that was out of her reach. When she first flopped forward, her leg was stuck up underneath her and I thought, “oh boy, she is gonna wail” but, I left her and after a second, the foot was out…she was full on her tummy and had her toy in hand!!

5. And, to just add an exclaimation point to the fact that my little girl is no longer a baby, we finally purchased a big girl carseat (went with the Eddie Bauer 3 in 1 that goes all the way up to booster seat).

She looks like SUCH a big girl sitting in it.

It is sooo bittersweet!

A few more random pics:

Napping in mommy and daddy’s bed.

Enjoying her morning bottle!

In other exciting news, we finally received or Gift Certificates from Sears from winning the Waiting Game. I had guessed a birthday of June 25th when we did our registry and, I was right. Unfortunately, our main registry was at Babies R Us and the only items purchased at Sears were the Travel System and a Snugli but still, we received $410 in certificates. So, we used some of them to buy Syd’s car seat and are hoping to go back next Friday and pick up a light weight stroller. The stroller in Syd’s travel system is great but, it doesn’t really fold down very small so, it is a pain to load and unload from the trunk and, it takes up all the room. We would have gotten it today but, the sales clerk advised us that strollers would be going on sale next week so it was better to wait! (I love when they are nice enough to tell you these things!) Besides, waiting a week gives me some time to do a little bit more research and get the right stroller. We really liked the Quinny Zapp stroller:

because it was sooo light weight for pushing and, it folded up to almost nothing. It also comes with a travel bag so you can carry it if not in use. The only thing it didn’t have (at least I don’t thing but, I will have to check) was a recline. I really wanted a reclinable back so that Syd could fall asleep in it if she wanted to. So, we shall see.

My mom is still doing really well in terms of symptoms. She had a few days where she felt a bit of nausia but, the doc said she could take a gravol to help and that seems to be doing the trick!

Well, I am off to clean up my kitchen and load my dishwasher!! Our dishwasher was out of service for a few days (a piece of glass made it past the glass trap and jammed the motor so it wasn’t draining) and I am SOOOOO happy to have it back! You don’t realize how much you need something until you are made to go without! LMAO



  1. Wow!!

    Sydney’s on a roll for sure!!! Watch out, once it starts it just keeps going! They grow so fast!!! Caden has the same carseat (different color) and I love it!!! Glad to hear your mom is feeling good 🙂


    • Re: Wow!!

      I know Nicole…I am sure every week will have something new from now till she leaves for unniversity! LOL

      I think the seller on the carseat for us was teh fact that you don’t have to rethread the straps as they go as you just pull them up from the back of the seat! Rethreading is a PITA! 🙂

  2. Way to go Sydney!! That is amazing!! She is growing up so fast isn’t she 🙂

    Take Care


    • I cannot believe how quickly! I went to visit my girlfriend last week who just had her baby and I don’t even remember Syd being that small!

  3. It’s so much fun to see them growing but also so sad to know the baby days are going by so quickly eh? Way to go Sydney on hitting so many milestones this week!!

    • It certainly is!

      I think she realized that she was a bit behind and decided to catch up! LOL But, I like slow progress…it lets me get used to it! One of hte ladies on my baby board..her son is 1 month older than Syd but, when he was the same age as Syd he was already fully crawling, sitting up from the crawling position AND pulling up and walking along the furniture! He is really advanced but I could not even imagine having to deal with that yet!

  4. Wow – the baby days are rolling away. But that is a good thing because there is so much more to experience! Congratulations for Syd!

    • Yes, soon enough she will be considered a toddler! EEEK!

  5. Waaaaa!! It just goes too darn fast!!!!!!!

    Glad to hear that your Mom is doing well. Keeping her (and you) in my thoughts and prayers.

    How was your b-day weekend?????

    • Thanks Dane!

      Birthday weekend was wonderful!!! Should have the post for it up in a bit!

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