Posted by: mommyq | February 10, 2006

I have been a very very busy gal!

So much to blog about and so little time! LOL

I cannot believe it has been so long since my last journal entry! Syd has gotten into a much better napping routine but, with Pat working nights this week, getting on the computer during the day is pretty hard since I don’t want to wake him up and then, once Syd goes down for the night and I get some dinner into me, I am too pooped to scoop!

Syd got her second tooth this week and they are now both almost fully up and VERY sharp (like shark teeth). She finds it funny to chomp down on my fingers every once in a while and has come close to drawing blood on a few occasions. According to the teeth “charts” the two other bottom ones should be coming in next (making 4 bottom teeth) but, she has been drooling SOOO much this week and is showing some MAJOR discomfort that I am pretty sure her top two will come in first. They say the top teeth give them a bit more trouble since the gums are harder and it is more painful for the teeth to break through. So, I am checking religiously every day for signs however, it is getting harder and harder to do because the second I put my fingers in there she CHOMPS down! LOL

She is such a happy little girl and spends all day laughing and babbling away. But, she certainly knows how to dish out the “tude” when required. She is sitting now very well and rarely topples over now. I still fortify her with pillows (the nursing pillows I have are GREAT for this) but, when she does fall, she always manages to fall into one of the spaces between the pillows and has bumped her head on a few occasions. It is so hard not to react when it happens and she just waits for it and then will get pouty and start to cry! The few times I have managed not to react and simply speak to her with a big old smile, she carries on like nothing happened. Babies are such smart little things!

She is also now testing out her voice and her first combo was “ba ba ba ba”. She will do it endlessly and, in order to get her to start, I say, “Sydney, can you say baba?” and she will start up! LOL She also does this very cute laugh/cough. It sort of sounds like she is clearing her throat but laughing at the same time.

She had Cheerios for the first time this week (well, it was actually Nutrios which is the same as Cheerios but made specifically for kids and has less sugar and more iron) and she did really well.

She has picking them up down to a science but, getting them in her mouth is still a work in progress. She puts her hands up to her mouth but has not yet figured out how to drop them in. So, she picks them up, brings them up to her mouth, opens and then starts her “chewing” but, the Cheerio is still in her hand! LOL

We used the last little bit of her Waiting Game Gift Certs this week and got her the Leap Frog Learning Table. It is pretty great because the legs can be removed for now so she sits on the floor and plays with it. Then, when she is older and standing, you put the legs on and she can play with it that way.

It also has two settings…music and learning. In the music mode, activating any of the buttons plays music and in learning mode, it has things like ABC’s, 123’s and different learning items. I only had to show her how to activate each item once and she took it from there.

In other news, my mom had her 2nd chemo round on Thursday and so far, it is going as well as the first. It was COLD that day so, I got Syd all bundled up and got to put on her super warm winter hat for the first time:

I spoke with my mom this afternoon and so far, she is feeling even better with this round which is great because she did really well with the first one. She has however lost her hair. It was crazy how quickly it went. It started mildly shedding within the first week but last week, it started to come up in clumps one day and was completely gone a few days later!! It was a little shocking to see but, at the end of the day, it is only hair and will grow back when she is done with the chemo. After her chemo treatment, we came back to our place for the afternoon and had some lunch. Pat was sleeping as he was working nights but got up at about 3pm and sat with us for a bit. When my mom started chemo, he had said to her that once her hair went, he would shave his as well so they could be bald together. So, without saying anything, he went into the bathroom and buzzed it off completely!!!! I was in the bedroom when he came out of the bathroom to show me and it was a little bit of a shock! LOL My mom almost cried when she saw him…I don’t think she thought he would go through with it! Syd on the other hand was not as pleased. She took one look at him, started a pouty lip and then WAILED! It sounded like her daddy, it smelled like her daddy but it didn’t LOOK like her daddy. It was very upsetting for her. He put on a baseball hat and she was instantly fine but, the second he took it off again, she WAILED some more! We let her touch his head and explore the new canvas and by the time he left for work, she was better but still very upset. 😦 When she woke up this morning, Pat was already home and went in to get her. She looked at him, looked at his head, looked at him again, gave him a smile and then starred at his head some more! LMAO But, no crying. We then chilled in bed for a bit and she scratched and grabbed at his bald scalp and now, she is totally fine with it! All is well with the world.

I will be sure to take some pics of my new baldy and post them. Now that the initially shock of it has worn off, I actually like it…it suits him.

Well, it is late and my hubby is home tonight so, I am off to spend some quality time. He has a new schedule at work and I think it will be great once we get used to it. He is on a 4 day on (12 hour shifts), 4 day off schedule so he works 4 night shifts, is off for 4 days, works 4 day shifts and is off for 4 days! It will be nice to be able to plan ahead knowing the days he will be off.

I will be sure to update some more this weekend with pics of Pat and, I also have some video clips of Syd. Our digital camera does doesn’t have sound but, it is better than nothing!



  1. Wow Sue, your Mom is doing great. You must be so proud of her. 🙂
    We continue to keep her in our thoughts and prayers…

    That story about Syd and the Nutrios is so cute! The way she will still chew even though the Nutrio is still in her hand. Too funny!!

    Glad you blogged again…

    • Thanks Dane. It feels good to be back! LOL

      I am so impressed with how my mom is dealing. I was a bit worried at first but, she has been great.

  2. Sydney looks cuter and cuter in every picture!!

    Glad to hear your mum is doing good. That is such a sweet thing Pat did by shaving his head too.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Carol…we are amazed by her cuteness each day! LOL (Isn’t that a typical parent thing!)

  3. Glad to hear that your mom is doing well – sounds like she has a lot of support though, which is the most important thing.

    I remember when Pat moved to a set schedule (sort of) where he now works only 1 day out of every three weekends – made it so much more convenient. Not only are you able to plan ahead, but you also are able to make plans for just you and Syd for the work weekends.

    Anyways, I should get up and moving around! Talk to you later!


    • Yeah, it should be nicer for planning things! And, having him home for 4 days will be fantastic. However, we are just finishing up a 4 days day shift and it was hard because he goes to bed before Syd gets up and gets home after she has gone to bed. We peek in on her together before we go to bed but, it isn’t the same. He misses her like crazy.

  4. Hey Sue- great update. I’m so happy to hear your mom is feeling well and Pat was too sweet to shave his head too.
    Syd is too cute with her little bunny hat on. It looks like she has really long legs (lucky girl!!)
    Vanessa has had a tough time with the teething too. Thanks goodness it’s temporary!!


    • Syd has REALLY long legs just like her dad. Her weight is only in the 10th-15th percentile but her weight is in the 75th percentile!!

      How many teeth does Vanessa have now? Syd just got a her second a few weeks back and we have been getting the buckets of drool but no more teeth so far.

  5. I have to say that Pat shaving his head to go bald with your mom has broguth me to tears. It is the sweetest, kindest thing I have heard about it a really long time. It was a really unselfish and compassionate thing to. Please hug him from me.

    I hope your mom is doing ok with her new found freedom. No worries about hair clips, or hair colour, she can save on shampoo, showers don’t take as long, no bed head, no bad hair days. I know those aren’t much comfort, but if she’s up to laughing about it, you can use them.

    And, if the chemo starts to get to her and she needs some of the medicinal stuff, you let her know that I’ll smoke a fatty with her! It’s a sacrifice but someone has to do it. 😉

    • after re-reading my comment, it sounds like I’ve already been hitting the hydro, even though I haven’t been.

      • Sandra, you always manage to crack me up!!! LOL

        Hugs delivered to my totally awesome hubby! 🙂

  6. Sue, I’m really glad that your mom is doing so well! It is so nice of Pat to shave his hair off to make her feel better 🙂


    • Thanks Cath.

      Yeah, he is too sweet and she is STILL going on about it! LOL On the really cold days she will call me and ask if Pat took his toque to work! HA HA

  7. Sue, Syd is getting to be such a big girl! She is sitting up great! I’m so glad your mom is doing well! That so sweet of Pat to shave his head 🙂 I think you’ve got a keeper!!

    • Thanks Nicole…I think he is a keeper too! 🙂

      Syd is growing SOOO fast I cannot believe it! She just recently started with the sitting up on her own and she has now mastered it! She sits up so nice and straight!

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