Posted by: mommyq | February 16, 2006

Sydney’s First Haircut!

OK, before I get into the details of the haircut, I have to share some corny stuff.

When we first started this journey of parenthood, we hit MANY bumps in the road. We dealt with MAJOR colic and general cranky sleepless baby for soooo long and I think both of us wondered if it would ever end. However, now, we have the happiest best tempered baby on the block. She is happy ALL the time! She wakes up in the morning with cooes and babble and goes to bed at night with coos and laughter. She spends the entire day just babbling away and laughing and, as of late, practicing her “clicking” sounds. I can be doing something and she will happily play on the floor or in her highchair and, I just have to look at her and she will reward me with a sweet sweet smile. I swear I love her more and more each day and when I think I cannot love her any more, she does something new that just makes my heart melt.

I am happy to report that she has, as of today, mastered the Nutrio! She can pick them up and deposit them in her mouth with ease. As she is chewing away, she picks up the next one and waits till she is done chewing before depositing the next one.

Now, on to the HAIRY details:

On Saturday, we decided to take Sydney for her first haircut. She had her original hair which was getting rather long and her newer hair which was shorter and the combo made quite a little nest! LOL So, we decided to take her to a “kid” friendly salon so we went to Little Tots in Pickering. It was a zoooo!! There were kids everywhere. Some happily playing in the ball playground and other screaming at the top of their lungs while the poor hairdressers attempted to cut their hair. Syd was a little taken aback when we first arrived but, she got accustomed to it rather quickly. Despite the hoards of people, we only waiting about 15 minutes for our turn. Syd sat in Pats lap for the haircut while I hung out and snapped pictures.




She was SUCH a good girl through the entire thing and only cried briefly towards the end because we had to hold her face down on Pats lap while the hairdresser evened up the hair at the base of her neck.

Well, I wanted to make sure I posted about that but, now I am heading off to bed. It is only 10:30 but, I have a cold and feel like big poop so, I am hitting the sack early tonight. I have only been sick for a few days but so far, Syd doesn’t seem to be catching what I have so that is goood news.



  1. Sydney looks super cute 🙂 I have heard of Little Tots but never been. It sounds like it is fun!!!

    Have a great weekend and feel better soon 😦

    Take Care
    P.S How is your mum doing?

    • It was a a zooo! LOL Thankfully she isn’t a very sensitive kid or she probably would have cried the entire time due to the craziness of it all!

      My mom is doing great, thanks for asking. Other than the hair loss and a few little minor ailments that are pretty normal for chemo patients, she has been feeling really great.

  2. too, too cute!! Love the new hair-do!

    You should have told them that Pat was there for a hair cut too! LOL!

    Jake had his first cut at Little Tots and from what I remember, it was a zoo then too. 🙂

    Love Dane

    • LMAO Dana. The hairdresser actually joked about Pat’s baldness. She said, “so, are we cutting your hair next?”

  3. Suzie- Syd’s haircut is sooo cute. I hope you thought to keep a lock of hair for her. You’ll be amazed at how much the colour could change.
    I hope your mom is doing well- thinking about you guys…


    • Actually, I TOTALLY didn’t even think about it. However, thankfully, on the sign up sheet it asks if this is your first cut and, since we checked off Yes, the gave us a little certificate and they put the hair clippings in a little zip lock.

  4. What a good girl – sitting in the chair like that. Hope you feel better soon!

    • Thanks Pam! We all got sick (will be blogging about it shortly) but, we are all feeling better now.

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