Posted by: mommyq | February 22, 2006

The family that gets sick together…

So, my sore throat turned into a major head cold on Thursday. I made my best attempts to keep Syd from getting sick but, Friday afternoon, she started sneezing, getting a stuffy nose and coughing. Then, to add insult to injury, Saturday (Pat’s first day off), HE started getting sick as well. So, since I am a mom and was the most recovered of the 3 of us, I had to play nurse maid in my weakened condition! LOL

None of us are 100% over it yet but, we are feeling MUCH MUCH better. Syd was great. She had a few cranky moments and wasn’t eating as much as normal but, she continued to sleep through the night (smart little monkey would roll onto her side so she could breath easier) and was in good spirits.

More on the sickness later but first, let me back-track a bit since i haven’t posted in a while.

Tuesday morning, Syd had her monthly physio appointment. Pat was working so my mom picked us up and drove us to the hospital. AND, I am excited to announce that Sydney has graduated! LOL She is all done with the physio as her PT feels she is completely caught up on all of her milestones and is showing amazing strength and flexibility in her neck and all of her other muscle groups. She praised both of us profusely for all of our hard work.

Here is a pic of the happy graduate:

That is her new stroller BTW. It is sooo fantastic and we love it. It is super lightweight and folds up to nothing.

I also finally managed to snag a pic of Patrick this week so you could all revel in his baldness:

As I mentioned in my previous blog…Syd is now a whiz with the Nutrios. However, in her excitement to eat them some times, she gets them ALL over the place and doesn’t think to take them off:

Also, as you can see from the above picture, she has also learned to anticipate the camera flash. I have to use the pre-flash now to catch her with her eyes open! This pic was taken on Friday and you can also see the little bit of redness around her eyes. This was the day she started to get sick.

We gave her a nice warm bath on Saturday night and we didn’t want her to catch a chill so we wrapped her up REALLY well:

We were cracking up because she a) looked like a mummy and b) just chilled like that for a good 10 minutes. She made no attempt to get her arms out or anything! LOL

Sunday we stayed home and chilled. For one, the Daytona was on and there was NO WAY I was getting Pat out of the house during race time! LOL So, we spent the morning all warm and cozy out in our bed.

and the afternoon watching the Daytona 500.

Monday we were home again and Sydney had yogurt for the first time.

You will notice again the flash anticipation face! LOL But, thanks again to the pre-flash, I was able to get one with her eyes open:

And last, but certainly not least in my week of updates, Sydney has now learned how to take her diaper off! She was in our bed watching Dora while I was sorting some laundry in there and as I was bent over the laundry basket I heard the all too familiar velcro sound. She knew she was busted:

Well, that is all for now. Sorry for the quick and dirty update but, it is 1:30am and I wanted to at least post SOMETHING before I went to bed!!!



  1. hahaha!! Syd is too cute!! Glad to hear you’re all feeling better though, even if it isn’t 100% yet. Has Pat recovered from his heart attack now that he knows his little girl has figured out how to remove her underthings? The boys just LOVE girls like that!! *giggles and ducks*


    • Yeah, I actually haven’t told him about this new developement yet!! I am waiting and letting him figure it out ALL on his own! LOL

  2. Suzie- hope you all fully recover soon. Syd is looking so big. Congrats to her (and you) for graduating from physio. Syd looks so cute eating her Nutrios & Yoghurt. The time is going by so fast. Soon they will be talking and walking… Enjoy this time while it’s here.

    • Thanks Lor, we are feeling better however, my ears have been tinging the last few days so, I am just hoping that I don’t get an ear infection! 😦

      Time is just going by at a lightening speed. Can you believe that our little girls will be 8 months in a few days!!!!

  3. It’s funny how she’s gone from being a camera monkey to closing her eyes with the flash. I’m sure Pat will be relieved that soon – no matter how the bet swings – Syd will be able to change her own diaper LOL

    • Yeah, she is still a camera monkey! LOL I was trying to get pics of her Appricot face for the camera (Appricot puree is VERY potent and yesterday she was gagging and stuff while eating it) and she gagged for the first 5 bites and then, of course, I pulled out the camera and she was so entralled by it that she gagged no more! LOL

  4. Will the sickness ever end?? I’m sorry to hear that you guys are sick. 😦

    I love the new stroller! How does Syd like it??

    I am LMAO at her taking off HER OWN diaper!!!

    • Oops, that was me…sorry, tired tonight! 😉

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