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I didn’t realize how long it has been since my last journal entry!!!

We have been sooo busy here at the Quinn household that time seems to be moving at light speed!! Sydney turned 8 months on February 25th and, she is growing by leaps and bounds every day and developing so well. We did a mock weigh in of her last night by using the house scale. Pat jumped on, weighed himself and then grabbed Syd and weighed himself again. She is now 16lbs which seems about right according to her 10th percentile curve. I will have to do length at some point today. According to her growth chart, she should be just under 28 inches but, I have a feeling that she may be longer than that. She is very long and lean.

She has rolling down to a science and sits VERY well without any assistance and for long periods of time. She has such great balance; when she is sitting on our bed, Pat and I give her little nudges and she teeters but rarely falls over. She kneels as well since this is an exercise recommended by her PT for trunk strengthening so, we put her on her knees and let her play with her Leap Frog Table:

She is also now bearing weight on her legs and can stand (assisted) very well. She isn’t pulling up or crawling yet but, we take what we can get! LOL It is funny with her standing…since she is sooo used to being in her Jumparoo, she stands on her tip toes! LOL When she puts her feet flat, her little bum sticks out. Tooo cute.

Her REAL advancement has been “talking”. She is a VERY vocal young lady. I think I mentioned before that her favorite “everything” word is baba. Well, she now also says a few variations of mama and dada as well. She also appears to use them in proper context so, my guess is that she knows what they mean. For example, when she is sad or wants to be picked up, she looks at me or around for me if she cannot see me and says, “ohhh, mum mum mum”. When she is happy, it is always mama. She will say dada and daddy when talking on the phone with Pat or when looking for or at him. Another cute one is um and mmmmm. When I put her in her highchair for a meal, I know when she is REALLY hungry because as I am preparing her food, I hear, “um, um, um, um” and then after the first bite, “mmmmmmm” LOL. She says hey and hi (don’t think she understands what these mean but, they are part of her normal repertoire) and she also loves to babble away with various sounds and combos. When she really gets going, she will babble babble babble and then throw her hands in the air and laugh hysterically. So, whatever it is she is saying is REALLY funny.

A few recent random pics that are cute:

Her SERIOUS face


These would be much NICER pics if she wasn’t wearing her breakfast stained sleeper! LOL

Sticking out her tongue. She does this weird babbling while playing with her tongue…it is soo funny! Oh, I forgot to mention she also clucks like an alien.

She keeps me very busy during the day but, she really is a joy. Don’t get me wrong…she has a tude and KNOWS how to use it but, for the most part, she is just a pleasure. She laughs and smiles all day and has a generally very sweet disposition. For the last few months, she has been having a bit of stranger anxiety when it comes to men but, if you approach her with caution and slowly, she warms up really quickly and will flirt like a pro! LMAO

As for eating, she has been doing GREAT! She is now eating yoghurt, cheese, egg yolk and LOVES all of it. She is really good at breaking down and gumming everything before swallowing since she rarely gags. I was a bit worried about the cheese since it is a bit harder to “gum” but, she is a champ with it and just gobbles it up. Formula is a totally other story however since she HATES to sit for a bottle. We went through a great phase right around the time when she was sick where I was getting 4 6oz. bottles into her a day. We then switched to 4oz with breakfast and dinner and 6oz at the noon and night feeding but, she was not doing well with that as most of her bottles were being left unfinished so, I tried going to 3 bottles every 4 hours and moving them all back up to 6oz and that seems to be working well and appears to be the right amount for her. She also fusses less during the feeding whereas with the 3 hour feedings, she would fuss after a few sucks at EVERY feeding. So, she now has 6oz when she wakes up, breakfast at about 10pm (or, if she goes down early for her nap, she has lunch at noon instead) and then a 6oz bottle at about 2pm, dinner at 4-5pm and a final 6oz bottle before bed. She is up to about 3tbps of cereal (this is the dry measure before I add the water), 2 x per day, yoghurt or cheese with breakfast and then about the equal to 1/2 a jar of fruit and veggies and meat for dinner.

So, I have a new little hobby that has been keeping me busy in the evenings as well… I have taken to digital scrapbooking. I have been meaning to start scrapbooking for AGES but, just never managed to find the time and inclination. However, digital scrapping allows me to create the same beautiful pages as the old fashioned way but, for me at least, is much easier. I don’t have to worry about supplies and clearing off space, or all of that messy stuff. I just sit down at my computer and off I go! I am hoping to get a digital scrapbook on our website this week to display all of my work but, for now, I will share a few of my personal favorites:

Well, I am off to play with Syd for a bit. She is busy watching some Baby Wordsworth (Baby Einstein) right now! It was the easiest way for me to have some time to sit and update my journal and enjoy my afternoon cup of coffee! LOL



  1. Hey Suzie!

    Love Sydney’s teeth!! She looks so adorable with her two little front teeth!!

    Glad to “hear” from you today on the chatterbox!!

    Have a great weekend!
    Take Care

    • Hey Carol!

      Yeah, her too little teeth and NICE and big now. Hopefully we will see some more soon!

  2. Hey Suzie

    Great to hear from you again. I love the digital scrapbook pages you’ve done!! Sydney is catching up to Vanessa in weight. V is still 18 lbs (no weight gain since she was 6 months but the Dr. says it’s because she’s mobile) I guess that happens.
    I will have to let Vanessa try Cheese this afternoon. Ty was neve a big fan so I completely forgot that Vanessa just may like it. Thanks for the reminder.
    Nice to have you back in the C-box too!


    • Hey Lor. Based on her 9 month appointment (I will blog about it tonight) she isn’t catching up. 😦 I have a small fry on my hands for sure.

      Syd is REALLY loving her cheese still…any type of cheese I give her..she gobbles up. Did you try it with V? If so, how did she like it?

  3. Sue, I LOVE the DS pages you have done, you really have an eye for it!

    I can’t wait to see Syd again and hear her talking…

    Love Dane 🙂

    • Hey Dane. Thanks. I am having sooo much fun with it!

      Cannot wait to see you guys as well! Hopefully we can come up after you guys get back from your trip!

  4. what a great invention digital scrapbooking is eh? Glad to hear you’re all feeling better!

    Talk to you soon!


    • Yes it is! Except it is WAY too addicting!

  5. She is sooo cute as always!!!! Do you mind me asking what brought about the pt in the first place. I feel like I should know but I can’t remember.

    • Hey there! Long time no see! 🙂

      She started with a PT because she had a mild case of Torticollis and I wanted to make sure it didn’t get to be too bad. I like to nip things in the bud EARLY! LOL

      • RIGHT geesh I am slow these days! I knew that – heck I even told Nickole – Erin who has Nolan that youwere doing that because her little guy has a mild case too! LOL

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