Posted by: mommyq | March 24, 2006

9 Months!!!

My little baby girl will be 9 months old tomorrow!! I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by. More and more of her cute (well not ALWAYS cute) personality is showing every day. She is still sleeping 12 hours at night and usually takes 2 naps per day (however, she has been known to take 1 nap and then be cranky as all sin by about 6pm!). I think her big problem is that she is always wanting to be on the move. She will be tired…yawning, rubbing her eyes, sucking her thumb and the second I put her down into her crib, she starts rolling all over the place. You would not believe the positions I have found her in! LMAO

Sydney had her 9 month check up yesterday and it went well. We had a 2 hour wait to get in to see the doctor. She is really great and really takes the time to make sure you are not rushed and she answers all of your questions but, it certainly wreaks havoc on her schedule. We normally book for the morning so the wait isn’t as bad but, our appointment was a 1:45 so, her day was WELL underway at this point.

Syd was a good girl in the waiting room and was flirting and smiling at everyone. However, once we got her into the room, everything changed! LOL She DIDN’T want to be nekkid and she CERTAINLY did not want to be put down on that scale so, she was a bundle of tears when the doctor came in to see us (it was her assistant that does the weigh and measure). The doc wanted to recheck the weight since it seemed a bit low so, she recalibrated the scale and as I went to lay Syd down, she said, “Oh, you can sit her up on it if you like!” I never even thought to put her sitting on the scale! DUH..silly first time mommy. That made all of the difference in the world and she was momentarily happy as she tried to pull the doctor’s glasses off! LOL We had a bit of a diaper dilemma since Patrick decided it would be easier just to take our smaller diaper bag since we were only going to the doctor and didn’t need to lug all of the stuff. However, we realized that the last time we had taken that big must have been a LONG time ago because the diapers in there were a size 1-2 and Syd is now in a 3! LOL So, we squeeeezed her into the smaller diaper and she looked sooo funny. But, it did the trick till we got home.

Some shots from the doctor’s office:

Giving daddy love eyes while in the waiting room.

Waiting for the doctor!

Getting a little IMPATIENT! (also notice the wee tiny diaper! LOL)

So, without further ado…the stats:

Weight: 15lbs 7oz (down to the 5th percentile from the 25th) 😦
Height: 29 inches (up to the 95th percentile from the 70th)

I gave birth to a beanpole.
Her weight drop is a bit disconcerting so, our doctor is going to be referring us to a pediatrician (she is a GP) to get some further testing done. She says more than likely, it has to do with her activity (she isn’t crawling but, my little girl is ALWAYS moving…even when she isn’t rolling and rocking, her little hands and feet are ALWAYS going) and genetics but, she wants to be sure. So, we should be getting a call next week with our appointment date. She also suggested in the interim, trying to get more calories into her. Obviously, if I feed her more solids than I am right now, her formula intake will drop so, she suggested just making sure she gets more of the higher caloric stuff before offering anything else and, she said I can even start adding some 35% cream or unsalted butter to things as this adds lots of calories but, doesn’t increase the volume of what she is eating.

We implemented project “Fatten up Sydney” today and so far, so good. She had 22oz of formula (up from her usual 18oz). This took a bit of cajoling but, you have to do what you have to do. For breakfast, she had and 8oz bottle (her daddy gave it to her while I got to sleep in) and then 4tbs of cereal (up from 3) and about 2tbs. of full fat cottage cheese. After her nap, she had a snack of full fat mozza cheese which she adores and then a handfull of Nutrios (which she took one bit of and then razzed at me…I guess she wanted more cheese! LOL).

She had her next bottle in the early afternoon and I got a full 6oz followed by some more snacks (half and avocado cut up). And then another bottle in the late afternoon of only 4oz. followed by dinner of 5tbs of cereal (up from 3), 2tbs. of green beans and veggies and another 1/2 of an avacado. Then, she had her evening bottle before bed and she finished about 4 of the 6oz that I made. So, all in all a good day.

Daddy is on nights tonight so, I managed to get a really cute pic of the two of them before he went off to work:

and a close up that was a bit light but, really shows off how nice and blue her eyes are:

So, now I am home alone with a sleeping baby and finally getting some me time. I have been so bad at updating my journal as of late but, I am making a resolution to get at least 1 entry in per week and hopefully more.

In closing, I have been working on tons of scrapping pages so, I wanted to share a few of my favorites:



  1. I’m sure Syd is fine, she’s just watching her waist line is all! lol But you guys are good to wait the 2 hours. I HATE waiting at the doctor’s, but at the same time, a good doc is hard to find and worth the wait. Still… 2 hours!

    I love the Syd pics and I noticed how beautiful and blue her eyes were in the waiting for the doctor pic.

    I love the scrapbooking pages, especially the coffee one!!

    • Thanks San. I just worry since she IS so small and, she is one of those kids that could just go all day without eating anything. She NEVER cries the hunger cry and, it is always a chore to get a bottle into her since she wants to be busy doing anything else! LOL

  2. The little diaper cracks me up…and i think it is probably easier for operation “fatten up sydney to be a success” than the other way around – especially if you can use more butter and cream, mmmm…

    The scrapbook pages are coming along brilliantly – how do you come up with the layout ideas?

    • Sorry – that was me

      • Thanks Pam. Yeah, we had to put a kabosh on the cream thing because it seemed to be upsetting her tummy. So, I will have to find some other creative ways to fatten her up.

        As for the scrap pages, I normally just let my pictures give me inspiration. I let them “speak” to me! HA HA But, other times, I will get an idea for a page in my head from looking through galleries and magazine articles and, if I don’t have the pictures to match, I set up a mini photo shoot!

  3. The pics are just too cute! She is growing into such a big girl now, and she is TALL (must take after her Mommy).
    As you know, we just went through the whole “small” for the growth chart issue. I think it’s great that your GP is looking into it, but I’m sure she is just going to be a long, tall drink of water. πŸ˜‰

    Love the scrapbook pages! Have you printed any out yet?

    Love Dane πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Dana. She is SOOO tall. I think out of the June babies on our board, she is one of the tallest and those that are at the same height are in the 20+ weight category! LMAO

      I haven’t printed any of the pages out quite yet. I think I am going to wait until after her first birthday party and then once I have all of the first year stuff done, I am going to print it all off and make an album.

  4. Suzie- I am loving your scrapbook pages. I would love to “borrow” a few of your ideas if you wouldn’t mind. (I’m so uncreative!!) Sydney looks just perfect so I wouldn’t worry about her being so tiny. I’m sure the ped. will reassure you that everything is okay. In the meantime it must be nice that she’s not outgrowing her clothes too quickly. Like I mentioned earlier- Vanessa’s weight has been at a stand still lately too. We are going for an apt. in a hour actually.
    Great to get an update!!

    • Hey Lor! Sure, borrow away! My only request is that I get to see the finished product!!! I love love love looking at scrapbooking pages. If you need a place to upload them…I really like the gallery at (you will see the Gallery link at the top)

      I have all of my pages uploaded there and it is an easy way to keep them organized. My Gallery

      • Suzie- I was just checking out your Gallery. I love you layouts!! I don’t actually do digital scrapbooking – I’m still doing it the old fashioned way. Thanks so much for giving me some great ideas. Let me know when you update your gallery again. I love getting new ideas!!

  5. OMG, SHE IS SO BIG!!!!

    I can’t wait to see her! Did you get my e-mail Sue? Hopefully we can all get together really soon.

    Btw, she is looking more and more like Patrick everyday.


    • LOL She is certainly growing like a weed!

      I cannot wait to see you guys on Sunday! πŸ™‚

  6. She looks so cute. I can’t believe how old she looks now…so mature lol.

    Are you guys coming for Easter? My was saying that she hadn’t received a response from you yet and I thought that you may not have received the email??

    Hope to see you guys there!!


    • Sorry I meant my mom was saying…

    • Hey Stef!!

      Soon enough your little guy will be JUST as big and you will wonder where the time has gone! By the way…I haven’t seen and recent pictures!! You either need to get yourself a blog or e-mail me a bit more regularly! LOL I am sure he has grown into a handsome little man.

      We SHOULD be coming for Easter. I was just holding off on e-mailing your mom until Pat got his schedule for April (which he should be getting tomorrow…they were a little late this month) because I wanted to give her a confirmed answer! πŸ™‚

      Cannot wait to see you guys.

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