Posted by: mommyq | April 28, 2006

Here we grow CON’T!

OK, as promised I am back to complete my last update! LOL

First, I will post some of the pics from BOTH Easter weekends.

Here she is while we were getting ready. I wet her hair to get it into some pig tails.

All ready and waiting for mommy and daddy to get the show on the road.

Checking out her Easter basket.

Smiling pretty for the camera.

Waiting for the FOOD!! lol

The pigtails turned out sooo cute but, we had to deal with the HAIR aftermath the next day:

I love her hair! LMAO It is always good for a laugh or two.

In other exciting news, Pat got a promotion at work. It comes with a nice pay raise and, he gets to work in the office most days instead of being out on the road! He is soo very excited about it as it will be a new challenge for him.

Other than that, things have been pretty same old same old. I am still waiting on Sydney to jump on the crawling band wagon but she seems to have NO interest in it. I know she could “physically” do it if she wanted to because she is very strong and able to pivot and turn and roll and lift herself up on things but, she just seems so comfortable with rolling everywhere she needs to go. It was soo funny…one day, my mom and I decided to create a little ally for her so she could only go forward and then we placed the current object of her desire in front of her. She tried rolling to the right but couldn’t..tried rolling to the left but couldn’t so, she managed to get herself onto her back and then pushed her foot off my moms tummy and slid backwards along the floor till she got to the paper!!! Smart little cookie.

Here she is rolling around.

and positioning herself to get into the laundry in the basket. I sure hope she likes laundry as much as a teenager! LMAO

A few more cute pics from the same morning:

Gotta love that morning coif!

In this one she is “talking” away to the TV.

And her new favorite quirk of pulling at her hair. She grabs a few strands right at the root with her thumb and index finger and then slowly slids her fingers to the end to give her hair some extra UMPH (as if she needs it!).

We had a rough week this week with what I think was teething. Her 4th tooth is on its way in (the top right tooth) and it has been giving her a heck of a time. Monday night, my poor baby cried on and off for a good hour and a half right before bedtime. At some points, she was even doing a scream/cry combo. I didn’t figure out it was teething till the next day when I could see the white of the new tooth. It hadn’t broken through yet but, it was sooo close that I could actually see it. Then, the next day, it dissappeared and I am waiting for it to resurface again (and hoping that it comes in a bit easier this time). The last few days, she has been back to her normal sweet self.

Well, I am off to bed but, a few more pics before I go…

a few from her doctor’s appointment:



  1. Suzie you got some great shots of Syd. I LOVE her hair!! It is so cute. Congratulations to Pat on his promotion!! Syd is still looking long and lean- I can not get over how long her legs are – lucky girl!! Vanessa’s are so rolie-polie and chubby.

    • Thanks Lor. He is really excited about the promotion…(it is all I hear about these days! LOL)

      Her legs are a bit chubby but, not much! LOL It probably also doesn’t help that we eat the little bit of chubb she does have on a daily basis! 🙂

  2. LOL – you’ll never run out of hair shots will you 😛 I can’t believe her hair is long enough for pig tails but they were so cute!!! I wouldn’t count on the fascination with laundry as she gets older….sounds like a mother’s wishful thinking to me!

    Congrats to Cathy – so that’s what two look like…

    • LOL Yeah, I don’t think I will EVER get sick of the camera.

      Her hair is long enough and has been for some time however, getting her to sit still long enough for me to do it is the real challenge! LMAO

  3. I love love LOVE the pics!! Especially the one with her pulling her hair! I love the puckered lips when she’s talking to the TV… SOOO cute!

    Ok fine, I’ll admit it, I LOVE ALL of the pics of Syd! She’s just so cute in all of them. You can really see her little personality coming out! Ok, maybe you’ll say I’m biased cause i love her soo much, but really, she’s just that cute!

    • That was me btw! lol.. guess it would help if I signed it, like you didn’t know who it was anyway!


      • LOL San. Thanks.

        She has such a little personality that I swear I could just snap and snap pics and I always get a different look! LOL

  4. I’ll say it again…she looks so much like the girls!!!

    She is so cute, Sue. I can’t wait till we see her again, so I can eat her up!

    • She does look a lot like the girls but, I think she really got a litte bit from everyone because I see so many of our family in her. I had one pic a few weeks ago where she was the SPITTING image of our cousin Steve when he was little.

  5. Sue, she just gets cuter & cuter!!!


    • Thanks Nicole! 🙂

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