Posted by: mommyq | May 8, 2006

Gotta love the weather!!!

The weather has been so fantastic lately, Sydney and I have been getting our fill of fresh air.

Since we are in a condo, our heat has to be turned off and our air conditioning turned on so, it has been SUPER warm in our unit the last few weeks (air con goes on Thursday of this week) so, we have been dressing more for summer than for spring! LOL

I pulled out all of her summer stuff and was AMAZED to find that the bulk of it (even the 3-6 month stuff) still fits her! LOL Since she is so long, all of her pants and sleepers etc. are at 12 months now but, I guess with shorts and stuff, length isn’t as important so they fit her really well.

Dana, you will be happy to see that the outfit you got Sydney at my baby shower FINALLY fits her:


I have some exciting stuff to report on…. Firstly, Sydney got her 4th tooth on May 2nd so, she is balanced with 2 top and 2 bottom teeth!!! Tooth #4 was the hardest of them all. There were a few days where I could actually SEE it through her gums and then the next day, it would be gone. It took WEEKS for this one to make its “official” appearance.

Syd is still rolling ALL over the place and is just non stop on the move all day (which of course keeps me non stop on the move all day as well!! LOL)

She likes to make her way over to the window in the morning and laugh at the poor suckers stuck in traffic down below:

and then within seconds, she is on the opposite end of the room talking to and kissing her reflection in the mirror:

and then under the table (her favorite spot of all):

For the last few days, she literally looks like she is going to take off crawling any second! LOL I have the camera at the ready but, no luck so far. She is however doing really well on her feet. She can walk if I hold onto her hands and never seems to get tired of it!

All this motion generally tuckers her out so, she has been napping really well. I always know when she is SUPER tired because she will pop her thumb in her mouth from a sitting position and bend forward and put her head down on the ground (like she is doing the splits…remember that big stretch to warm up before working out?)

She is very flexible! LOL

It is soo funny because her signature thumb suck involves perfectly straight fingers instead of the “stereotypical” fist.

In other firsts news, Sydney had her first taste of Ice Cream last week. I really believe in keeping babies at this age pretty sugar and salt free but, I have been giving her very small tastes of the things I have been having because I want to expose her to as many different things as I can before her 1st birthday because I really think it is important in terms of allergies. I had read an article a few months back about allergies and the belief was that we were seeing so many severe allergies these days because children are not being exposed to many foods until much later in life. I mean, as a parent, there are so many conflicting opinions out there you just never know what to do so, I am just going with what I feel is right and that includes introducing Syd to as many foods, spices, etc. that I can (within reason of course). However, peanuts scare the C&%* out of me so, what I might do, is give Syd her first taste of PB during my mom’s final chemo treatment. This way, if she had a reaction (god forbid) we would be mere steps away from medical assistance! (Yes, I know I am a paranoid mamma!) I am also thinking that I may do a skin test with the PB before the taste test and check for a reaction.

Sooo…enough with my crazy mommy rantings….lol….back to our update:

Syd and her ice cream…

I think she got a bit of brain freeze!!

We also spent an afternoon at my mom’s house last week enjoying her back-yard. Syd loves to be outside however, she is NOT a big fan of grass. Every time I put her near it, she just started to wail! LMAO

Lovin the sunshine

Hating the grass

My mommy turned 46 (really should be read 64) on Thursday so, we had a little party at our place.

She enjoyed hanging out with her granddaughters. The girls turned it into a nail polish party and poor me…I got stuck painting all of their finger and toe nails! 😦

Well, I should go to bed since it is nearing midnight. Pat just worked 4 days and is now home for a few days so, I am going to get in some much needed cuddle time before bed.



  1. Hooray for warmer weather…finally!!!

    Syd looks so cute in that outfit (if I do say so myself). 😉

    Sue, let me tell you…I waited for ages before my kids finally decided to crawl. There were babies on the boards that were walking before my kids were crawling!! LOL! Sounds like Syd will be crawling around the house within the next week or so!

    • She is super cute on her own but, the outfit TOTALLY kicks it up a notch Dana! LOL

      It gives me comfort to know that your little guys were late crawlers as well! I guess they all just have that lazy Kuzmanovski gene (or more so the one of doing things the EASY way…like having mommy and daddy pick them up! LMAO)

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom Sue! Love the ice cream face picture’s 🙂


    • Thanks Nicole!

      LOL The brain freeze one cracks me up! I guess it was the cold but, it certainly didn’t stop her from jumping me for more ice cream! LMAO

  3. Looks like you’ve got a busy little girl on your hands Suzie. I think her and Vanessa would keep each other very busy. Love the summer outfit and sunglasses!!
    Happy birthday to your mom.

    • She is always on the move Lor! She has even started doing that move on my lap trying to get off and get down to the floor! LMAO I miss my little cuddle bug. Now, I have to catch her in JUST the right mood to get a decent cuddle! LOL

      We should plan a play date for our little ones..I am sure they would have fun causing trouble!

  4. Sydney is one cool chick 🙂 Love the sunglasses! Allergies scare the *blank* out of me too so I think giving Sydney PB at you mum’s chemo appt is a great idea. Better safe than sorry right?
    Sydney may be one of those children that walk before they can crawl. So hold onto your hats LOL!

    Enjoy the warm weather !!


    • Thanks Carol. It is nice to know that I am not the only one freaked about it. Some people look at me like I have 10 heads when I talk about it! LOL

      I hope she will be an early walker…I can get her into some cute little skirts and dresses sooner! LOL I don’t bother too much now with that stuff because I think it looks so much nicer when they are walking.

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