Posted by: mommyq | May 10, 2006

Our Pediatrician Appointment!

We had the appointment for Syd today with the Pediatrician and it went really well.

Syd is up to 17lbs 6oz (6oz in 2 weeks) so, she is creeping back up to her normal 25th percentile mark on the growth chart. We got to the appointment early so, we waiting about 45 minutes (which would have been only 15 minutes if we were there right at our appointment time!!). The nurse measured up Sydney while we waited so, that was great! However, Syd got TOTALLY upset when I put her down on the table to take off her clothes for measuring. I wonder if the little bug knows that she is at the doctors! LOL I finally got her clothes off and put her down on the scale. I then had to reach back and catch her because she tried to throw herself OFF of the scale and back into my arms!!! Talk about DRAMA queen! LOL

We got in to see the ped about 15 minutes after that and both Pat and I really liked him. He was very thorough and was great with Sydney. For the first bit, he asked us questions and got some history. Thankfully, I have a good memory for her weights and info because the nurse at my doctor’s office FORGOT to send over the growth charts with all of the other info that they sent! DUH..the whole point of this visit with the ped was to asses her GROWTH!

After he was done with the questions, he did a series of checks with Sydney. He did the normal “doctor” stuff by checking her belly, legs, head, inside of the mouth, etc. etc. but then he spent about 15 minutes playing some games with her to asses her development (like peek-a boo, clapping). And then finally he checked her reflexes. At one point, he did something to her foot, turned to the resident (he is a teaching ped and had a resident ped sitting in on our appointment) and said, “Did you see that? Smart little cookie isn’t she?” Within a flash he was on to some other checks so, I never did get a chance to ask what he was talking about!

After all was said and done, he said that at this point, he really didn’t think that there was any reason to be concerned about her small size. He said she appeared healthy, energetic, alert and was a very bright little girl. He did order some bloodwork and said that he would asses her again at her next appointment (12 months) to see if we needed to do a test for Celiac but, he was 100% certain that it would not be necessary. He did suggest making some minor changes to her diet to include some more protein and a little less dairy since she was already getting the bulk of her dairy from the formula. He made me feel SOOO much better about everything and I was so greatful. I expressed to him my stress in trying to get the “suggested” 24oz of formula into her per day and he assured me that she really didn’t need that much. He said that as long as she was getting a well balanced diet of solids, I should just let her take as much formula as she wants and not worry about it. WHEW.

He gave us a bunch of free samples and sent us off for the bloodwork. Both Pat and I left the office with smiles on our faces and a big sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, it ALLLLL went downhill from there.

We went down to the lab and it was not busy at all so, we were ushered in almost immediately. I blame myself for what happened because the minute I saw the lab tech balk when she saw Sydney, I should have grabbed my litte girl and RAN for the hills. The blood draw was an absolute NIGHTMARE. I sat in the chair and held Sydney on my lap (facing forward…which was the FIRST big mistake). I was instructed to hold her very tightly around the chest and Pat was told to hold her feet and other arm. At this point, Sydney was already getting PEEVED and the second the tech tightened the rubber band on her arm, she started SCREAMING! A second tech came in at this point to help out! LOL Pat had a free hand so he placed it next to Sydney’s face (so she couldn’t see the needle!). She squirmed and squirmed as they tried to get the vein. I learned my lesson from the last blood draw and I kept my gaze focused on my little girl and didn’t look at the needle going in. She continued to squirm and scream and they continued to try and GET the vein. The finally got it but not very well so the blood was coming VERY slowly. Syd was full on screaming and crying at this point and she is a strong little girl because she got free a few times. During this, Pat left the room and came back 30 seconds later. I figured that he was just having a hard time dealing so, I left it at that. They finally took the needle out and I worked to settle Sydney down while they checked to see if they had enough blood. Of course, they didn’t so, we had to do it AGAIN! (I swear I didn’t think my heart could handle it a second time). We had a very traumatic second go at it but, my mommy strength came from somewhere and I held her as best I could and sang to her while they worked to get her blood. This did the trick and she managed to settle for a few minutes at a time while they took her blood. We got her calmed down and settled into her car seat and within 5 minutes, she was singing and babbling away. Poor Pat and I were still shaking from the experience and it took us a good hour to get over it. It’s always harder on the parents I tell ya.

So, getting back to Pat leaving the room….. While we were walking to the car, I asked him about it fully expecting him to say that he just needed a break BUT, the real reason he walked out….

During the first blood draw, the didn’t get the vein on the first go so, instead of taking it out, they did the “digging” with the needle to get it. He said this went on for a good 10 minutes and Sydney was COMPLETELY insane during it. He left the room because he knew if he had to watch that any longer, he would have lost it on the techs. You have to love that raw parental instinct to protect your baby. LOL

Thankfully, it is all done and I pray that we won’t have to do that again any time soon. We took Syd’s bandages off before bed and gave her some Tempra just in case her arms were sore (I know any time they have done the “digging” thing to find the vein on me, my arms KILL for the rest of the day). She went down for the night like a little lamb and we have not heard a peep from her since. Thankfully the experience wasn’t as traumatic for her as it was for us.

Well, I am off to bed. I apologize if my journal entry tonight is a bit jilted and run-onish. I can barely keep my eyes open but wanted to get this posted tonight before bed.



  1. OMG I can not believe they would do the digign gthing on a little baby!!!! I would be absolutely livid!!!! I have had that done to me several times and have been told all sort of crazy things as to why they can’t find my viens. Then one day righ tbefore I delivered Mollie I went ot have blood taken and told the tech several of the difficulties other tech have had along with their supposid reasons. The lady was VERY suprised she said that all of those reasons were false and were said just to cover up their incompetence. Next time I get blood drawn if they seem to be having a problem I am going ot ask for another tech. I truly can not believe they would make a little baby go through such pain just because they werent able to do their job with any amount of ease.

    • Oh I know Deena, I am just thankfull that I didn’t see it because I probably would have taken all 3 of them out. I don’t blame Syd for freaking the way that she did because I have had them do that to me before and it HURTS.

  2. Ugh, that made me feel queasy just reading it!! I’m glad that it’s all over…

    Sounds like she had a great ped appt!! Way to grow Syd! 🙂

    • Thanks Dane! 🙂 Hopefully it will be some time before we have to do that again.

  3. OH Suzie that sounded awful!! I can’t handle getting needles myself nevermind watching my babies go through it. Syd is a trooper though. Otherwise sounds like the Ped. apt. went well. She is obviously growing an developing really well. Is that many apt. usual for your dr.? My Dr. saw Vanessa at 6 mths and her next apt. isn’t until 12 mths.

    • Thanks Lor.

      She had a few extra appointments for weight check reasons because she dropped from the 25th percentile at her 6 month to the 5th percentile at her 9 month. My doc always likes to take extra precautions and didn’t want to wait till 12 months to check her weight and growth.

  4. BTDT

    We had to do this with Traeli and I swore I wouldn’t do it again unless it was a life or death matter b/c it is just not worth the mental anguish in my opinion! I’m glad it’s over and that Syd is growing so well!! 🙂

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