Posted by: mommyq | May 16, 2006

The gift of forward mobility!

Yes ladies and gentleman, Syd has given her Mommy the best mother’s day gift evah! After spending several months mastering sideways and reverse, she FINALLY found first gear!!!

(Click on the picture to view the video)

I am soooo thrilled (and maybe a little scared now that she can pretty much get ANYWHERE she wants to go). I am amazed at how much quicker she has gotten in just a few days and, I am sure by the end of the week, she will be FULL STEAM ahead!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies (and mommies to be). I hope it was a fantastic day and that you were all spoiled rotten! 🙂 My mother’s day wasn’t my IDEAL choice for my first since Pat was working nights and would be sleeping all day. 😦 However, he made sure that the time we did have together was wonderful.

We had some quiet time together when he got home (with Timmies) and I opened my card and gift from Pat. He got me a new Wet/Dry Dustbuster (and, before anybody thinks…” he didn’t!!”…I actually asked for it! LMAO). Sydney, who is normally awake at 7am sharp, decided to sleep in till 7:30! LOL I went in to check on her at about 7:15 and I had to take a picture:

Both of her feet had come out of her sleeper and had her blanket wrapped around her like a little old lady! LOL She woke up shortly after that and I opened my gift and card from her. I got the Willow Tree Figurine – Angel of Mine:

I am not normally one for figurines but, I absolutely LOVE the Willow Tree collection.

Pat went to bed shortly after this and Sydney and I spent the rest of the morning playing. She decided to give me some more “gifts” shortly after Pat went to bed in the form of TWO (yes two) very full and very stinky poopy diapers within 1/2 an hour of each other. I promptly sat her down and RE-explained the glorious concept of Mother’s Day and how poopy diapers were just NOT an appropriate gift. LOL Shortly after that, I received the much nicer gift of forward motion. My daughter catches on quick! 🙂

My mom came over shortly after and we spent the bulk of Mother’s Day shopping!!

In other exciting news, Sydney cut her 5th tooth yesterday!!! I wasn’t even looking for one since she showed no signs of teething but, I came across it while I was brushing her teeth!

I also have a funny little story from today. Sydney is SOOO entertaining at this age, she just keeps me laughing all day. After her bath tonight, I noticed a little bit of diaper rash. Now, she hasn’t had a diaper rash since she was about 3 months old so, she was not aware of my “after bath diaper rash procedure”. First, I dried her off well and sprayed her little bum bum down with rash spray (I love this stuff) and then to make sure she was good and dry, I lifted up her little legs and blew on her “area”. Well, she just started to giggle!!! It was the cutest little giggle that I have ever heard. I would blow, she would giggle, I would blow, she would giggle! LOL

Other than that, the last few days have been pretty uneventful. We were home for most of the day yesterday and we were home all day today since it wasn’t even nice enough to go out for a walk. 😦

Ohhhh, there was one major happening on the weekend and I cannot believe I almost forgot to blog about it!!!!

We received a call from our bank’s fraud department Saturday morning!! Pat had used his bank card on Friday night at the Esso station down the street from our house. He payed at the pump for fuel and then went in and withdrew some cash from the bank machine inside. Well, according to the bank, 5 minutes after that, there was a withdrawal of $160, followed by one right after for $300 and then again they attempted after that to withdraw $500 but, the bank had already frozen Patrick’s card because the first two withdrawals raised a flag. The bank believes that somebody managed to install one of those duplicate card readers at the ATM as there were several other customers that were compromised after using that ATM on the weekend. Both withdrawls that were processed will be put back into our account and Patrick has to get a new card as his has been deactivated. It is amazing because you hear about this stuff but NEVER expect it to happen to you.

Well, I am off to watch American Idol but, I will leave you with some pictures:




    Did Syd get a new stroller?????

    • LOL Thanks.

      The stroller is newish but, we have had it now since about January or February or so? It is the Quinny Zapp and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is totally light weight and folds down to nothing.

  2. Wow – looks like she moved all over the place once she got started – like one of those little wind-up toys. I’m glad you had a fabulous Mother’s Day!

    I can’t believe how quickly time has flown – Syd is almost 1 already!

    I’ve heard that those bank machines in the gas stations are the worst because they pay the guy behind the counter a little cash and he turns a blind eye – or so says the folks in the fraud department at work. Thank goodness your bank was on alert!

    • Thanks Pam. Mother’s Day was fantastic and I look forward to many many more.

      Who knows what the scam was with the bank machines and who was in on it. Thankfully, all of our money has been returned!!

  3. WooHoo Sydney!!! What a great Mother’s Day gift!!!
    Sorry to hear about your fraud incident. We had our Visa used last year in San Fransisco in the amount of $5000.00! Not a good feeling.

    Have a great long weekend Suzie!

    Take Care

    • Thanks Carol.

      I cannot believe how many people get hit. You really do think of it as one of those things that will never happen to you.

  4. WTG Syd! It was only a matter of time! I can’t wait to see her crawling in person!

    Sorry about the fraud, people are jerks. 😦

    • She has gotten much quicker since that video. You will have a great laugh watching her roam around your place this weekend! LOL

  5. WTG SYDNEY!!! Now THAT’s what I call a mother’s day gift! Good and proper! I can’t wait to see the little munchkin crawling all over the floor! Too cute for words!

    That totally sucks about the fraud, but I am really glad your bank was on top of it. Most of the time banks have their heads up their arses, thankfully this is not one of those times.

    • that was me!

      p.s. YES, I AM a human (your livejournal asked).

      • It is soo adorable! I love having her crawling now…as much as it makes my job harder, I crack up every time she pops into the kitchen or something when I am making food.

  6. Sydney is doing awesome with her crawling!! What a nice mother’s day gift. Now you’ll find out just how much you have to babyproof. Sorry about the fraud incident but thankfully no harm done. It’s pretty scary what people are able to do now that everything is electronic.

    • Thanks Lor.

      Yes, babyproofing is NOT fun. HOwever, I think we have it pretty much all done with the exception of our room and the bathroom and we just keep those doors closed for now.

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