Posted by: mommyq | June 2, 2006

My Humble Apologies!

I have been SOO bad at updating my journal these days. I keep meaning to do it and then get started on something else. During the day it is pretty much next to impossible to get on and in the evenings, I am usually decompressing from my day OR getting to the housework that I didn’t get done during the day.

However, I will make it up to everyone by posting a video of my little bug:

(Click on the pic to view the videos.)

In the first one, you can see she starts crawling on hands and knees and decides army crawling is easier! LOL In the second clip, she was after my tuna sandwich. LOL

We have done sooo much since my last journal entry, I don’t even know where to begin. We had a nice visit with Grandma and Grandpa H a few weeks ago, we celebrated Daddy’s 33rd birthday, we went to cousin Ethan’s first birthday party, we have moved to one nap per day (poor mommy!!), we popped in tooth number 7 today…we now have 4 upper and 3 lower with number 8 JUST under the surface and last, but certainly not least….Sydney now has two cute little god-brothers. That’s right…for those of you that have not yet heard the fantastic news, Cathy and Bill had the twins!! They were earlier than expected but, both the babes are doing well. They were born at noon on May 23rd and were 2lbs 7oz and 3lbs 8oz.

Since it is late, and I should be in bed, I will just post pics and some colourful commentary! LOL I don’t think my brain could handle any more. However, I do promise to post a full update of our weekend on MONDAY! I won’t let you all down! LOL

Sydney getting some practice with the spoon…

and showing off some teefers.

enjoying some coool watermelon

and some cool water. I swear, I thought this kid was NEVER going to get the hang of the sippy but, she sort of went from having noooo idea to using it like a pro in one day. I guess when they are ready to do something…they know.

Enjoying her first restaurant ordered food. Funny story…when the waiter brought out her grilled cheese and cukes, he put the plate on the table (you can see the plate in this pic) and I was going to cut it up in little pieces and put it on her tray. Well, before I even had a chance to pick up my knife, she had the whole thing off of the plate and into her mouth! LMAO

Yes, I snapped a pic of her first meal out! LOL I never denied being a dork.

Learning to play the piano at Grandma’s house. (She was quite good if I do say so myself! LOL)

Playing with her buddy Frasier. They got along so well and played so well together…it was really cute.

She even showed Frasier how to play with Lulu.

Cuddling up with Grandpa

Having a ball at Ethan’s party.

Another cute story with pictures….

Ethan and Syd were hanging out together..

when Ethan all of a sudden decided he wanted a cuddle so, he went over and put his head down on Sydney

It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! LOL Later that evening, they were giving each other kisses as well! LOL (Yes, I guess that makes them kissing cousins! yuck yuck)

Posing for the camera at the party..

Holding hands with her friend Matthew

The last pic was taken at my mom’s house. We brought Sydney over so that we could go out for dinner for Pat’s birthday. We were also leaving her to spend her first night away from home without mommy and daddy. 😦 After dinner we were heading to the casino so, we figured that it would be best to leave her there. It was SOOOO hard. Now, don’t get me wrong…I had a fantastic time being out with my hubby and, it was nice to be able to sleep in the next day (well….9:30 if that counts as sleeping in) but, we both realized our house is just not the same without the lovely sounds of our sweet little boo boo.

Well, I think I am finally ready to pass out. Pat is on nights tonight and I always have the hardest time getting to bed without him so, I usually stay up WAY to late and then crash from sheer exhaustion. This is his last night shift and then he is off for 3 days so, we are taking this opportunity to head up to visit those northerners you all know and love…Oli and Dana (and the kids of course!). I am really looking forward to spending some time with them and I am sure Sydney will enjoy every minute of the hustle and bustle of a 4 child household.

Farewell and goodnight! 🙂



  1. Man, can that girl crawl! I can’t believe how quickly she mastered it (although we have all known for a long time that all of our children are incredibly gifted 😉 ).

    CAN’T WAIT to see you guys this weekend!!!!!!!!!

    Love Dane 🙂

  2. Have a great time with Dane, Oli & the kids this weekend!! WTG Syd with her crawling. She has really gotten quick. Congrats to Cathy and her new boys!! I can’t wait to see pictures.

  3. Love the video Sue!!! The restaurant story is so funny!! Guess she was hungry!

    • That was me…..Nicole 🙂

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