Posted by: mommyq | June 6, 2006

A visit to the Great White North…

We went to visit The Kuzmanovski Clan this weekend and had a wonderful time.

Pat worked Thursday night so, he got home Friday morning and crashed for a few hours before we left. I drove so he could catch some zzzzzz on the way up if he wanted to. We made great time and arrived at about 4:30pm. Syd has always been really great in the car but, I was amazed at how well she did with the long drive. She sang and babbled for most of the trip and only slept for about 25-30 minutes. We made a 30-40 minute stop in Parry Sound to feed Syd, grab a quick bite and a coffee for the rest of the trip. She ate her lunch pretty quickly and spent the entire time flirting with anyone that walked by! LOL She started to get a bit fussy for the last 20 minutes of the drive but, Pat jumped in the back seat with her and she was fine the rest of the way.

Since we are all Costco junkies, we popped out to Costco after getting settled in! LOL We found some REALLY REALLY REALLY good looking hats for Oliver and Pat but, they decided not to get them:

You can even see that guy in the background looking on with longing wishing that the hat looked THAT good on him! 🙂

After getting the kiddos settled in for the night, the “adults” settled in for a night of video games. We had a blast playing and before we knew it, it was 2:30AM so, we wisely decided to turn in for the night.

The next day, we went to Boston Pizza for Jake’s birthday party and had a nice time getting to know the neighbors. Talia was so cute to watch as she flirted and laughed it up the entire time. I was having so much fun I didn’t really get many pics.

I slacked in the photo department all weekend!

After BP, the gang went to the movies to see X-Men and we decided to go and get Syd’s hair cut. Her bangs were starting to get into her eyes so, I had them cut the bangs and then just even out the rest. We got Syd home and down for a nap just as the rest of the gang arrived.

That evening, Dana and I put the kids to bed while Oli and Pat went out for some Jeep therapy. After a bath for Syd and a “pee” party with the boys, the kids went down without much of a fuss. Oli and Pat conveniently arrived back shortly after we had come downstairs. Just like a blister…they show up when the work is done! LOL Dana and I decided we would stand at the front door and give them “the look” as they got out of the vehicle but, neither of us could keep a straight face.

We spent the rest of the evening chatting and drinking some fantastic Martinis made by the bartender extraordinaire Dana. It was an early night this time as we called it quits at about 1:30am.

We finished our journey with some outside play the next day. Pat and Oli cleaned their respective cars while the boys ran around with their water guns:

Sydney drove around in a car:

and Talia missed most of the fun while she was napping! LOL

Then, we moved to the backyard and Sydney got to test out the baby swing on the playset:

She absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED it and at one point, she almost fell asleep! LOL

The kids played for a while:

then we had lunch and finally got the kids back on the playset for a group picture:

With 5 kiddos…it took a BUNCH of takes to get one where they were all looking at the camera! LOL

After such a fantastic weekend, it was only fitting that SOMETHING go wrong….LOL

We had everything packed into the car and Pat started the car to get the air con going before we put Sydney in and, the back window dropped and all of the windows stopped worked!!! It appeared that a fuse had blown so, Pat and Oli went off to Canadian Tire and of course, they didn’t carry that particular fuse. So, we managed to get the back window covered with a blanket so that Syd wouldn’t freeze and we were on our way. It was a noisy drive home but, Sydney didn’t mind since she actually had 3 naps on the way home! LMAO

We did a quick stop in Parry Sound for gas so, I mixed up a bottle for Syd and, my big girl drank it by herself during the rest of the drive home. She fussed a few times but only because she had dropped her bottle so, it was a quick fix.

We arrived home at about 7:30 or so, and Syd had another bottle and passed out for the night! It didn’t take her very long to settle back in to being home.

The next day, Pat was in Windsor on a course so, Syd and I had a quiet day at home. She played and I did laundry! LOL

A few cute videos:

Drop Shots
Once you click on the above, you can view the other videos by clicking on the pic on the right of the page.

and pics:

You will notice from one of the videos and this pic that she has started making the funniest face any time she grabs for the camera! It cracks me up.

Well, I am off to bed.



  1. She is sooooooo tall!!! We have that same swing on our swing set and Mollie seems WAY shorter!

    • She is a very tall girl! Her last appointment she was at about 30 inches!! We are having to lower the crib matress AGAIN because it is getting close to the bottom of her ribs! I swear at this rate she will be in a big kid bed in no time.

  2. LOVE the pics Sue!!! 🙂 Although, I have no idea why we didn’t take more pictures, what is wrong with us?? LOL!

    I’m so glad you guys came for a visit, the kids are STILL talking about Syd, and Gabe keeps asking if we can fill the mattress for Teta and Uncle to come over again. 🙂

    Miss you guys already…

    • I think we were just having WAY too much fun!! LOL

      We miss the kids (and you guys) as well and cannot wait to see you guys again in a few weeks! 🙂

  3. LMAO!! I love how she plays peekaboo with her magic blanket. I know it’s magic, cause of the way it makes her little feet kick furiously till it’s off her face, but the minute it’s back on they’re kicking again!!

    I am sitting her giggling so hard I have tears!! TOO cute! I can’t wait to see the little munchkin!

    And you look so good and happy. I’m glad you finally ended up in some pictures! I was starting to forget what you look like!

    That pic of Dana is so cute. Oli looks like he’s hiding from someone and somehow Dana got frosting or lipgloss on her white t-shirt right on one of the girls! Actually, I guess Dana can explain that Talia has “peeps”, hers just come in up on top and when she’s much older! lol

    Looks like you guys had a FANTABULOUS time!


    • LOL Sandra! That pink smduge above my boob is an Old Navy symbol, but it’s kinda hard to see, actually that is one of the worst pictures I have seen of Oli and I in a long time!! YIKES!!!

    • LOL She has been doing the furious kick for as long as I can remember! It is pretty much a given that when you put a blanket over her face, she will kick up a storm!

      And, that pic of Dana is TOTALLY her own doing…she jokingly said I was slacking on taking pics so, I started SNAPPING! LOL

  4. Great picture’s Sue!!! I’m glad you had a great visit 🙂


    • Thanks Nicole!

      I am sure you guys will have JUST as much fun with the Kuzman clan when they come to visit you! 🙂

  5. Suzie- sounds like you guys had a great visit- and way to go Syd for traveling all the way up North with no trouble. Don’t you love handing her a bottle to feed herself now? I don’t know what to do with myself sometimes now that V doesn’t need me feed her.
    Great Pictures!!

    • Sorry that was me – Lor

    • Oh Lor, it is sooo fantastic! I am always saying that as she gets more difficult in other areas (being all over the place and into EVERYTHING) some aspects are getting sooo much easier as her independance grows!

  6. Wow Sydney is sooooo tall!!! Glad you all had a great trip!! Gotta love the Parry sound stop for coffee 🙂 It is a must LOL!

    Take Care

    • Thanks Carol!

      Yes, the Parry Sound stop is a MUST…gotta love Timmies…what would we do without it!

  7. Wow – sounds like you guys had a great time! Peekaboo is probably the cutest thing I’ve seen all week – although Syd in the costco hat is pretty up there too for me! I just can’t believe she’s almost a whole year old.

    • LOL Thanks Pam.

      I am still in a bit of shock that my little baby is turning ONE this month. I just don’t know where the time has gone!

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