Posted by: mommyq | June 12, 2006

Fine Dining!

Lucky little Sydney had her first fine dining experience last week!! LOL

Nana and Poppa Q took us all out for Pat’s birthday last week at The Old Scott House. It is always nice seeing Pat’s dad and step-mom and, going out for dinner is a nice treat but, I was a little bit apprehensive about how Miss Syd would be.

When we first pulled up, I immediately noticed that the parking lot was sprinkled with some very nice swanky cars. We got all of our “gear” out of the car and it felt soooo funny walking into this place with a white, blue and green plastic booster seat! LOL I felt even funnier strapping it to a chair that looked like it belonged in a manor!

It was dark and VERY quiet in the restaurant when we arrived but, it didn’t stay that way for long because before we could get Syd strapped into her seat, she was flirting with and babbling to the waiters and any patrons that passed our table! She sipped on a cocktail and munched on some garlic bread while we decided what to order:

I had fed Sydney her dinner before we left the house but, she was eager to munch on pickles, olives and some veggies off of Pat’s plate. The food was heavenly… I had a seafood pasta with cream sauce that was to die for and everyone else had steak (which looked very yummy). Patty and I ordered the Ceasar Salad to start and it was soo neat… it was made from scratch at a cart they brought to our table. It was soo different than the creamy ceasar dressing that I am used to but it was YUMMO and packed with flavour.

Sydney was a TOTAL angel and sat in her seat munching on food and drinking from my water cup. She started to fuss a bit towards the end since it was getting past her bedtime but, I managed to ward off any full blown crying by giving her another pickle! LMAO

As we were getting ready to leave, I was silently thanking my lucky stars that Sydney was so well behaved and that any major melt downs were avoided. I had just unstrapped her and picked her up from her booster seat when she let out the LOUDEST BELCH I have ever heard. It took everything in me to not burst out laughing on the spot. The waiter came over laughing and asked me if she just burped and I said, “Yes, that was her. I bet you don’t hear THAT in here very often!”

I laughed about it the entire drive home. What a little lady!

* Photographs courtesy of Patty since I forgot my camera at home!



  1. hahahaha!! Syd is too cute! You know she did that on purpose. I can’t believe it was loud enough for the waiter to hear it and come over!

    Glad to hear Pat had such a nice birthday. Happy birthday again Pat!!


    • LOL As I have said before, she certainly is her father’s daughter.

  2. That is so funny Suzie!! That’s awesome that Syd was so good for you guys during dinner. I would have been very nervous myself but sounds like you guys were able to enjoy a delicious meal – I love seafood pasta too!!

    • Sorry- I keep forgetting to sign my name- Lor

      • Thanks Lor.

        It was nice to get out and enjoy some fine fare. I remember reading that it is a good thing to take your kids to on occasion so, maybe we will make this a yearly tradition (hopefully WITHOUT the burping).

  3. Swanky!!!

    When you guys were up visiting, I was amazed at how good Syd is! She is such a good baby and so social, I have no doubt that she was perfectly behaved. They must have been making such a fuss over the little princess.

    Just don’t get her used to fine dining or she’ll expect it more often! LOL!

    • So true Dana, so true. But, after a taste myself, now I want fine dining more often! HA HA

  4. Great pictures!! I love the one of Sydney sipping cocktails 🙂


    • LOl Thanks Carol… Hopefully she will never be in AA otherwise she could turn to us and say, “see, it all started here!!” 🙂

  5. LOL – that’s pretty darn funny…..I love the difference between her chair and the dining chair – just the way life should be 😛


    • LOL Sooo true. The contrast makes the pictures just POP! he he

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