Posted by: mommyq | July 4, 2006

Tired Mommy (and daddy and baby)!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a bit but, Sydney and I have been a bit under the weather. It started with diarrhea and then last night for Sydney, it moved into fever territory. She woke from her usual all night slumber at about 11:30 crying. As soon as I walked in her room, I could SMELL the poop so, I brought her into our room to change her. Since she has been pooping loose stools all day (probably about 6 poops in total by this time), she had quite the diaper rash so, as soon as I took off her diaper and started to wipe, she started SCREAMING and grabbing at her “parts”. I had noticed when I picked her up earlier that she was warm so, once I was done getting her diaper changed, I checked her temp. The ear thermometer gave a reading of 101.9 and the under-pit thermometer didn’t get to finish since I could only get Syd to sit still for so long and it took FOREVER (think I need a better one!) but, when it fell out, it was at 38.7 so, we gave her some Tempra. At about 12:30, we checked again and it hadn’t gotten much better so, we were off to the ER.

We only waited about an hour and a half which was pretty great considering the amount of people in the waiting room. It’s funny because we actually got quite a few dirty looks when we were called in before most of the people waiting. Hello…it is an EMERGENCY room, not a doctors office where they see people on a first come first serve basis.

We waited another 45 minutes in the room for the doctor and Syd managed to sleep for about 10 minutes! LOL She did have a poop while we were waiting…it was still soft but, there wasn’t much so, I guess she just had nothing left in her. They did take the stool to send it to the lab but, the results won’t be back for 48 hours!!! Basically, the doctor said it was most likely a viral infection since I was also having the poo problems but, since she just started on milk from a Lactose Free formula, she didn’t want to rule out Lactose Intolerance. Her fever had finally come down so, they sent us home and advised that we keep her off of milk for the next few days and then take her in to see her doctor for follow up. We also got a few sterile containers for some more poop collection to take to the doctor.

By the time we got home and got Syd into bed (which took a bit of work since she wanted cuddles) it was 4:15 and we crawled exhaustedly into bed by 4:30. Thankfully, she needed to make up for some of her lost sleep so, she just woke up about 15 minutes ago. I have been up since about 9:30 calling the ER since, I wasn’t in the best frame of mind last night and didn’t think to ask the doc WHAT we should be giving her instead of the milk! LOL I don’t know if I should give her the LF formula again…water…pedialyte…juice. Of course, the doctor was off by the time I called and the person that answered the phone just said I would have to follow up with her doc to get that answer. I called the doc and she doesn’t have any appointments available until Thursday. The receptionist basically said I should give her whatever she will drink but, it would have been nice if she would have actually checked with the doc!!! Grrrrrr.

Well, I am off to see if Syd will have some breakfast!



  1. Poor Syd!! I hope you guys get to catch up on some much needed rest and that Sydney is feeling better soon. V is having the opposite problem switching to milk. I’ve been doing it gradually but even still she is getting so constipated.
    Hopefully you get some answers soon.

    • Thanks Lor! Sorry you are having constipation issues with the milk. I have heard that it is pretty common tho! Hope it has cleared up since and she is back to pooping like normal! Isn’t it amazing how IMPORTANT poop is in the life of a mommy! HA HA

  2. well, you can’t just leave it like this. We need an UPDATE. Is Syd ok? Did you confirm what she can eat? Has the fever gone down? Are you drowning in stinky poop? I hope that she’s much better, and that mommy and daddy are getting some sleep also.

    I also hope you’re feeling better too. Nothing like being sick as a dog and having to take care of a sick baby. Obviously Syd comes first, but you must be double tired!

    Hugs and hopes for a speedy, and stinky-poop-free recovery!

    • Hey San!! Sorry to leave everyone hanging! I am here to post an update on the little boo boo as soon as I am done getting caught up on my comments! 🙂

  3. Oh no Suzie!!! I hope syd is feeling better soon!


    • Thanks Nicole!! We are all doing better now!!

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