Posted by: mommyq | July 21, 2006

So much to update about…so little time!!

I have been procrastinating updating my journal lately because there is SOOO much to journal about! LOL

Syd and I are feeling MUCH better now and the bug has passed! We started back on homo milk a few weeks back and so far, we are not having any problems (except for some firmer poops which is totally normal). Still no walking to report but, she has started to lift up on all fours:

She is in to EVERYTHING!!! I had pulled out a box of Ritz sticks for her snack and I left them on the couch while I went to get her high chair tray from the kitchen. In no time, she managed to get the box off of the couch, open it, spill it out and help herself to a snack:

I guess she was HUNGRY! LOL

We made a trip out to Toys R Us last week to get Sydney one of those walker toys and while we were there, we decided to see how she would like a big girl bed and, she was a fan!

She looked soo sweet in it, mommy actually started to cry (SAPPY MOMMY!). She layed back on the pillows and pulled up the blankets at one point as well and of course, she put her thumb in her mouth which is her automatic response to having anything soft near her face! LOL

Then, on Friday, I had to take my hubby to the ER!! He gave birth to his first kidney stone and was in a LOT of pain after passing it. It was about 10:30 or so when it happened so, I called my mom and she rushed right over to watch Sydney so I could take him in. They gave him some good drugs to help with the pain, scheduled him in for a CT scan on Monday and sent us on our way. We were home at about 3:30am so, my mom got up in the morning with Syd and took her to her place for the day. As tired as I was, once I am up, I usually cannot go back to sleep so, I just layed on the couch and watched a movie. Pat woke up at about 12pm and was sooo funny since he was still a bit drugged I think! The CT scan on Monday showed another kidney stone about the same size and, showed that he has Medullary Sponge Kidney which is what most likely caused the kidney stones. After the CT scan, we had to go back to the ER which was INSANE (I think due to the VERY HOT weather) so, we didn’t get home till about 6:30pm (the CT was DONE at 1:00!). Pat received a referral to a urinologist.

He was feeling ok on Sunday so, we went to Barrie to visit my best friend Shannon and her parents. We had a great day sitting outside, chatting and having a yummy BBQ. Sydney had a great time as well AND, for the first time EVER, didn’t cry when I put her in the grass!!!

Normally she HATES the feel of the grass.

On Tuesday, we were originally going to head to Buffalo for some shopping but, since Pat took a pain killer right before bed, he was a bit groggy in the morning and by the time we got up and at em, it was after 9am so, we decided not to go. But, we really didn’t feel like staying home since the weather was great so, we headed to The Big Apple.

When we got there, we realized that it is more of a weekend thing but, we enjoyed ourselves nevertheless. Sydney LOVED seeing the animals in the petting zoo and we all had fun goofing around in the gift shop:

Wednesday, we decided to head to The Bowmanville Zoo since Syd had soo much fun with the animals at The Big Apple. We arrived at about noon and were happy to see that there was TONS of shade (which is not the case when you go to the Toronto Zoo). Pat and I were joking around on the way up and saying to Syd, “Sydney, we are taking you to visit your family!” (aka the monkeys in the zoo) So, we got a big laugh when she saw the monkeys and started squealing with delight! HA HA

Pat took her on an elephant ride:

and she ABSOLUTELY loved it. She was making happy noises and petting the elephant the entire time!! I didn’t get the best pictures because I was trying to video tape AND take pictures at the same time! LOL I need more arms!

She also loved feeding the deer:

and getting up close and personal with the Billy Goats that were roaming all over. She loved petting them (I would post a picture of it but, Pat took the pic of me and Syd with the Billy Goats and it didn’t turn out!! HA HA).

Wow, I think I am now all caught up and that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! LOL The rest of the month should be fairly uneventful (with the exception of Gabe’s birthday party!) since Pat is working pretty much the rest of the month straight with only a few days off. He is training for his new position so, I guess they want to get him on with a bunch of different people so, his schedule is ALL over the place! 🙂

Well, I am off since my babe is getting CRANKY!!!!!!



  1. Suzie!! Great to read another update. You guys have been busy. Poor Pat. I hope he is out of his pain very soon (or at least is able to take the drugs in the meantime) Way to go Syd for getting at those crackers!! Looks like she’s getting interested in being on her feet soon. You are going to be in for even more trouble!! LOL! Can’t wait to see everyone on Sunday.

  2. Suzie, what a great update on the Quinn clan!!! It was so wonderful to finally meet you and your beautiful family 🙂 Hope Pat is doing better soon!


  3. Hey Sue! How is the uneventful month going??? LMAO!!!! I don’t think it will EVER be uneventful again. 😉

    Can’t wait to see more Syd pics!

    Love Dane 🙂

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