Posted by: mommyq | August 11, 2006

I’m updating…

Pat is giving Syd her before bed bottle right now so, before I do ANYTHING else, I am sitting down to whack out a quick update and then will follow up with a more detailed one! LOL

We are alive and kicking still but have just been SUPER busy. Pat has been waging the battle of the kidney stones and I have been waging the battle of finding a job AND dealing with the many trials and tribulations of a one year old. Some of those trials and tribulations included the very painful process of popping her first one year molar which she FINALLY did today!! YAY Sydney for the tooth and YAY mommy for not totally losing her sanity through the process….a sanity which was VERY tested over the last few weeks! LMAO

Pat received the all clear on the kidney stones this week (YAY) so, he is stone free for now. However, in his battle with the kidney stones he managed to also get constipated (from the drugs we thing) to the point that he was soo backed up everything he ate was being thrown back up. He also developed an infection in his “peeps” that he is on antibiotics for. Have I ever mentioned that my husband never does anything on a small scale? In the entire time we have been together, he has been sick a grand total of 4 times and 3 of those were DOOZIES.

As I also said, I have been looking for work. I received a bit of a shocker from EI last month when my maternity benefits STOPPED being paid and when I called I was told that they had ended (8 weeks earlier than I was originally told when I started my leave). After several phone calls and several weeks without any income from me, I finally got everything cleared up and they deposited 4 weeks worth of EI payments into our account today. (Thank goodness for small miracles). So, hopefully I will be able to land a full-time job before the end of the month (which shouldn’t be a problem since I have been sending my resume out like CRAZY)!

On the Sydney front…she is wonderful (more so now that her tooth made an appearance). She is growing so much each and every day. She is pulling up and cruising along the furniture, her toys, etc. etc. I can see her confidence growing rapidly each day. On the vocab front, she is a superstar! LOL She is definitely a talker vs. a walker as she already has over 10 single words in her repetoire and has even started using word combos such as what’s this (wats dis), what’s that (wats dat), stop that (stop dat), night light (nie lie) and the ever popular “uh oh” and “oh no”. She has also become quite the little dancer and will bust her move any time she hears any sort of beat. She is also becoming quite the little swimmer and unfortunately, she has ZERO fear of the water (just like her mamma when she was young). We have been taking her down to the pool quite often and she loves to kick and splash and gets both her hands and her feet going when we float her on her back. I do float her on her front as well and she likes to swim that way but, I don’t do it as often since she also likes to dunk her face in the water! (EEK!)

Well, that is all I have for my quick update. I just mainly wanted to log in and let everyone know that we ARE still alive. I promise to get on tonight or tomorrow and update some more as well as post some pics and a video! 🙂



  1. I can’t believe our little ones are both 1!!!! Molie just got her first molar today too!!!

    • I knoW!!! Isn’t it crazy how quickly they are growing! 🙂

      Congrats on the first molars! 🙂

  2. Suzie- glad to hear that all is well. 1 molar down and 3 to go… I know what you are going through so I sympathize. Don’t you love this stage?? I love the pointing at everything and “Whats that?” questions that come every 2 minutes. Sometimes I swear V asks me just to hear my talk b/c she’ll ask the same thing over and over. I am loving every minute of it though. Sounds like Syd will be cruising on her own very soon- can’t wait to see some pictures and videos!

    • It is wonderful! She is just so curious and I love being able to see the wheels in her little head TURNING! I am not looking forward to the other 3 molars! LOL

  3. Poor Pat!!! How awful, all the stuff he has been going through!!! Yay Sydney on all of her words!! Good luck on the job front 🙂


    • Yeah, poor hubby has not been having a good few months.

      Thanks Nicole!!!!!

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