Posted by: mommyq | September 20, 2006


I cannot believe that it has been OVER a month since I last blogged…I am sooo ashamed! LOL

This is going to be brief (and pictureless) since it is 12:15am and I want to go to bed soon! 🙂 We have been CRAZY busy here and I have had so little time for anything computer related…I am feeling SOOO out of touch.

First exciting news of this entry is that I HAVE A JOB and start on Thursday. Most of my free time in the last month has been spent job hunting (which is a full time job in itself it seems) but, all of my hard work has finally paid off since I was offered a job as a Project Coordinator with Nienkamper which is a high end furniture manufacturer. The biggest perk about this job (for me at least) is that it is literally 10-15 minutes from our house so, I have pretty nominal commuting time (YAY).

As for Sydney…she is wonderful. She is growing and changing sooo much each and every day and I am amazed at the thing she is learning and doing. She is now this little person that understand me (even if she doesn’t always listen) and has this fiercely independent/persistent/strong willed little personality. But, she also still has her sweet little disposition. I constantly get comments from strangers about how happy/well behaved/sweet she is and it makes my heart sing with pride every time. She just popped her 11th tooth yesterday (bottom left molar) so, her mouth is just full of little teefers. She is still not independently walking yet but, I think it will be soon. She is quite a cautious little tot and she can stand on her own but, as soon as she realizes it, she drops down to the floor. LOL She is cruising like a madwoman and gets everywhere with her combination of crawling, cruising, and climbing. She is still talking up a blue streak as well with her current favorite words being “NO” (complete with the finger shake) and “stop dat” LOL I have not done an official word count but, just off the top of my head I would say she is probably up over 15 words/small phrases now. I have tons more to tell about but, I will be sure to do a better update when I am no sooo tired! LMAO

As for Pat, he is doing well as well. He JUST finished his training for his new position but, he may actually be leaving the company to get back into the private ambulance field again since he received an all clear from his doctor. He has been working doing some special events for his previous employer and they are always asking when/if he will be coming back so, he gave them a call this afternoon. I am sooo happy for him because he really LOVED working as an EMT and I know that he has missed it so much. The other pluses to him going back would be a) no night shifts b) no weekends (or very very very few if he does their First Aid/CPR training as well) and c) more money (which is always nice). With all of this, we should hopefully be out of the condo and into a house by spring and then we can get the ball rolling on baby #2! 😉

And, last, but certainly not least, Pat and I will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary on Monday (Sept 25th). I cannot how quickly time flies!!! Pat is working Monday night but, the plan is to exchange our cards/gifts on Monday morning and then go out for a nice dinner maybe Friday night or something and then from Sept 26th – Oct 2nd, we will both be in a bit of a funk as we think back with longing to our honeymoon. LOL

Well, I am probably getting less and less coherent as I type this so, I am going to sign off now and go to bed.



  1. Happy Anniversary!!

    Suzie- great to hear from you. I was just asking Dana where you had been. Congrats on the new job!! I hope you love it. Who is going to be watching Syd?
    Sounds like she is just talking up a storm. Ty was like that as well so I feel like Vanessa is behind when it comes to talking – she doesn’t think so though and will try to have a full blown conversation with us – just no coherent words come out. I try to answer her but have no idea what we are saying. LOL!! She does say some words though and can tell you what a cow, a duck, a dog & a sheep says. Hehehe
    Anyway- great to hear from you. Looking forward to seeing some pictures soon – sounds like Syd will be on her feet any day now. WTG!!!

  2. Hey Sue! Congrats on the new job!! Wow, the furniture looks really nice there.

    I was thinking of you yesterday…how did your first day go??

    That is exciting about Pat getting the all clear from the doctor! I know that Ambulance work is where his heart is.

    Can’t wait to read more about Syd and your job.

    Miss you…

    Love Dane 🙂

  3. Happy anniversary Suzie!! Hope you guys had a great one.
    Congrats on your new job. Can’t wait to read all about it.

    Great to read an update on Sydney!! Glad to hear she is doing so wonderul 🙂


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