Posted by: mommyq | October 9, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to pop on with a quick update and to say Happy Thanksgiving to all still reading my journal (which is probably pretty sparse since I have been SOOO horrible at updating!)

We have been busy here getting into our new routine. Work is going well and Sydney seems to be dealing with the adjustment really well. She IS a bit clingier than usual on the weekends but, I guess that was to be expected.

Syd had her 15 month check up last week and she weighed in at 19lbs (5th percentile) and was 2′ 6.5″ (70th percentile) and the doctor is really happy with her progress. She got all of her 15 month shots and her chicken pox vaccine and handled them like a trooper!! She has been drinking milk like crazy for the last few months (24oz per day) and is eating REALLY well. She also has a mouth FULL of teeth with all 4 of her 1 year molars in. She may be working on her canine teeth right now but, she has been a bit tight mouthed of late so, I haven’t gotten any good looks.

(don’t mind the Baby’s First Christmas bib…I have SOO many X-mas bibs from last year it would be silly not to use them! LOL)

Sydney likes to comb her own hair:

and EAT her brush as well:

She likes to use wipes to wipe the table, her face, the carpet, etc. etc.

She gets into everything and anything she can,

She still LOVES to splash around in the tub:

and still has a fascination with the camera:

In other exciting news, Pat received a job offer from a private ambulance service and will be starting with them at the end of the month. He is really excited about getting back to a job that he LOVES.

Well, it is late here and I REALLY should be getting to bed since I have to work in the morning.



  1. Hey Suzie!
    Great to get an update on all of you. Glad to hear your new job is going well. Congrats to Pat on his new job too.
    Love the new pics of Sydney. Love her big beautiful blue eyes!!!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!


    • Hey Carol!! Thanks for still coming around to visit my poor lonely little blog! LOL How are things going with you? Have you joined the blogging world yet?

  2. Hi Sue – I’ve been a little MIA myself – good to see all the updates. Hope your Thanksgiving was good. That’s great news about Pat – I remember how much he loved it!

  3. Hey Sue!

    How is your new job? I was starting to wonder if everything was okay since we haven’t heard from you in a while!

    Love the new pics of Syd, she is getting so big! Can’t wait to get together and see you all soon!

    Love Dane 🙂

  4. Suzie- Great to hear from you. Syd is getting so big and sounds like she is into all sorts of mischief just like Vanessa. Great to hear about Pat’s job offer too. He must be thrilled. How nice to be getting back to a job that he loved. I’m so glad you are enjoying being back at work too. That must have been a hard transition but sounds like Syd is taking it well. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Yippee! Another update! Thank you so much for the Syd fix! She is getting so big, but hasn’t lost her cuteness one bit! I love her piercing blue eyes! And how cute is she with the wipes!?!?! lol

    So glad to hear Pat can go back to the job that he loves, that really is awesome news. And I am glad that you are enjoying work. And of course Syd would be more clingy! She misses you! You’re the mama!

    Speaking of mama’s, how’s yours doing? Tell her I said hi!

    We have to get together soon, cause otherwise I may cease to believe you really exist Ms. Suzie aka Polkaroo! How’s Katsu sushi sound? Girls night?

    • guess it would help if I signed my name! The above message was from me, if you haven’t already guessed! lol Sandra

  6. Hi Suzie!!! *waving* It’s so nice to have an update! I’ve missed ya 🙂 Syd is as cute as ever and i’m glad to hear your job is going well! Congrats to Pat on his new job!

    Love, Nicole

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