Posted by: mommyq | December 18, 2006


Well, Sydney took the leap yesterday and decided it was time to start walking (and well!). As I had mentioned, she had been taking 5-6 steps for the last few months but, was just not brave enough to do this more than just from one person (or inanimate object) to another. Well, yesterday she took the leap and ventured out into wide open spaces and has not looked back. I sat on the couch yesterday and watched her walk in circles around the living room floor. LOL And, much to my suprize, when I went to go to the laundry room and pull the clothes out of the dryer, I turned around to find her standing behind me (solo). She spent the entire day yesterday walking EVERYWHERE she could think of….from the living room, down the hallway, into the laundry room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom and everywhere in between.

I managed to catch some video for everyone…I used my cell phone so, you mostly see a blurr but, I guess it is better than nothing.



  1. How exciting Suzie!! WTG Sid! She is moving very quickly for just having taken off recently. Just wait and see what a nice break on your back this will be. Congrats!!

    • I don’t know why I keep forgetting to sign – that was me!! Lor

  2. Suzie that is freaking awesome!! I can’t believe that little miss has already figured out how to get around on her own. WOOHOO SYD!! WTG.. first earrings, now walking!!

    I’ll call you this week to see about meeting up!

  3. WooHOO Sydney!! She is so cute 🙂


  4. YAY Sydney!!! How exciting!


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