Posted by: mommyq | March 14, 2007

**knock**knock**knock** Is this still on? LOL

Hey everyone!! Yes, I have been a SEVERE journal slacker. I was laughing my butt off when I logged in and saw the most recent heading of “Walking…OFFICIALLY!” Yesh, now it is more like running, jumping, climbing, playing soccer…LMAO

So, before I get into any more, I will start with a RECENT pic to refresh everyone’s memory:

(Click on any pictures to view larger size.)

Syd now weighs in at a whopping (NOT) 21 lbs and is currently working on her 2 year molars. She is speaking soo much these days I don’t even know where to begin. Her favorite thing to say at the moment is “Go Geeago Go” which is her way of asking us to put on her favorite show “GO, Diego, Go”. LOL She is probably at this point saying well over 30 words and is stringing together mini sentences. I am astonished every day at how quickly she is leaving her baby days behind and sailing deep into the big girl waters. The dreaded terrible twos have also started early in our house. Sydney is a very independent and strong willed little girl who is thoroughly enjoying testing the limits and seeing JUST what she can get away with. She has very expertly MASTERED the temper tantrum (I swear, I don’t know WHERE they learn this from) full with throwing herself down on the floor and all. Just the other day, she was playing sweetly:

so, I decided to take the opportunity to snap some pictures. One second she was fine and smiling away and the next second, she put her hand UP to block the camera, turned,

and promptly threw herself down on the ground in tears.

It was the funniest thing EVER. As soon as I put the camera out of site, she was fine and once again happy as a clam. So, I brought the camera out again and we had a repeat performance! LOL I guess she was just NOT feeling photogenic that day.

We recently signed Sydney up for a litle program at our local community centre and it starts March 31st. It is 1 hour Saturday mornings (9am) and Pat and I figured we would take turns…one would sleep in and the other would take her to her playgroup. I think she will really enjoy it and I think we will each enjoy our Saturday morning with her (and our Saturday morning of sleeping in as well! LOL). We are also going to enroll her in swimming classes for the summer which I KNOW she will adore because she is quite the little fish. She has a healthy amount of respect for the water right now but, no fear. She has started venturing into putting her face under the surface for small periods of time. It REALLY freaks me out but, I have been trying really hard NOT to let it show.

What she does is lay on her tummy or kneel in the tub and then slowly lowers her face (fully…like up to her hair line) into the water.

She has also started getting from a sitting position into lying on her back in the water and trying to float.

She is something else. LOL

Well, it is getting late here and I still have to get showered and ready for bed so, I am going to cut the update short tonight but, I promise, promise, promise NOT to be such a slacker and, I will end the entry with a few random pics:



  1. WOW long time no talk!! Had wondered where you went! Glad to hear things are going well for you and the little Syd!

    • Hey there! Yes, I am around..just been busy but, I am going to make a point of getting back to regular updates! LOL How is the pregnancy going?

  2. Suzie- great to get an update!! Syd is growing so quickly. She sounds very similar to Vanessa and is actually all caught up weight wise. V is 21 lbs also but probably a lot shorter. Are you thinking about a big girl bed yet?? Maybe a little sibling for Sydney??
    Love the bath pictures of her floating on her back.
    Hope to get more updates soon!

    • Hey Lor! We are trying to hold off on the big girl bed as long as possible! LOL Syd is such a mover at night that I know we will have issues but, we will probably make the move at about 2 (as long as she doesn’t get TOO tall in the next few months). No real plans for a sibling YET but, I have to say I am really starting to get the itch so, if it happens, we would be very happy about it. What about you guys? Has V made the move yet?

      • We’re in the process of finishing Vanessa’s new “big girl” room. The furniture has been ordered and arrives in April so we are hoping to make the big move by the end of April. She’s not much of a mover at night though but we will still use the bed rails at first.
        Our big obstacle will be getting her off of her soother at night. She only has it in her crib so I’m hoping when she moves to her bed not to bring it with her…we’ll have to see how that goes though.

      • Holy crap, have I EVER been out of the loop! I just got caught up with your journal!! Congrats on the pregnancy!!!!

      • Thanks!! I’m almost halfway through it and the time is going so fast. That would also be the reason we are trying to move Vanessa into a big bed more quickly. We’ll be needing the nursery in August.

  3. Holy Moly! She looks so big – yet I recognize some of the shirts (Kisses 25c). In some of the pictures, you can really see her looking like Pat and some she looks more like you – good mix.

    It’s good that she enjoys the water – means she can learn water safety. Have a good one….

    • Hey Pam! Long time no talk! How are things going with the house and other stuff? We were on the Dell website last week looking at computers (since we are desperately in need of an upgrade) and we thought of you! LOL Dell=Pam in our world.

      • Things are going withthe house – just waiting for the weather to warm up so that we can do some of the outdoor stuff.

        I too was just looking at the website and we have decent desktops on for under $500.00. Not a bad deal right now…Pam=Dell in our world too…LOL

        Anyways, you guys are always welcome if you wanted to come up for the day! We’re only about 45 minutes out of town.

  4. Yay!! An update!

    I have been wondering how things are going at the Quinn household. 🙂

    Wow, has Syd ever changed. She looks like a little girl and not a baby anymore. And about the ‘tude…it must be genetic, Talia is still suffering from a serious attitude problem. 😉

    Can’t wait to see more pics, and hopefully see you guys in person soon…

    Love Dane 🙂

  5. Hi Suzie!!! Remember me???? LOL! Syd is getting so big! I’m glad you finally updated!


  6. HELLOOOOOOOO!! Great to hear you are all doing well 🙂 Sydney is getting so big so quickly.
    How is work going?

    Take Care

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