Posted by: mommyq | March 22, 2007

The Quinn Family Adventures

As promised, here I am again updating! 🙂

We had a busy but great weekend. We had Sean and Dallas this weekend so, we took all of the kids to Wizard World on Saturday and they had SOOO much fun. Sydney had her face painted for the first time and she LOVED it. When it got to her turn, I told the artist to do something simple and quick since I wasn’t sure how long she would sit still but, in hindsight, I could have had her whole face done and she wouldn’t have minded a bit. I think she liked the feeling of the brush on her skin because she sat perfectly still while the artist painted a heart, star and then added some sparkles to her nose.

The finished product:

(click on any pictures to view larger size)

The boys had a great time playing in the various inflatable toys that they had:

and zooming around on these swivel carts:

Sydney’s favorite ride was the swing. She was just grinning from ear to ear the entire time and wanted to go on over and over and over again.

We watched the Fairly Odd Parents show, hit all of the attractions and polished off all of the food and snacks that we brought in our cooler bag! LOL  We packed it in just before closing and, loaded some very tired kids into the car.  We were about half way home when we heard the snoring and I turned around to find Sydney just sawing logs and, because of the way her head was slumped, she had some drool hanging down from her mouth so, with every snore, she was blowing a bubble. LOL  We all had a kick out of watching her.

Sunday, we had a lazy morning with a late breakfast.  I tried to get a nice pic of all 3 kids and THIS is what they gave me:

Cheeky monkeys.

Since the kiddos were all sooo good the day before, we decided to treat them to ice cream and play-time at McDonalds.

which was a HUGE hit.

Then, we had ALL 3 kids pass out in the car on the drive home! LOL  So, all in all it was a great weekend.



  1. Suzie- that does sound like a fantastic weekend! I’ve never heard of Wizard World. We’ll have to check it out. Nice job on updating again so soon BTW!! lol!

    • Thanks! LOL I am making a best effort to keep up with updating more often.

      Unfortunately, I think Wizard World was a 1 week thing that they held over March break.

  2. What a great place! I’ve never heard of it, but next time we’re down, you’ll have to take us!

    I am LMAO at how tired the kids were. 🙂 You guys really are hard core. 😉

    • Oh Dane, it was hilarious. Tired kids are the best reward for a day out. LOL

  3. How fun!!!! I love that last picture of Sydney enjoying that ice cream 🙂

    • LOL The ice cream picture is one of my favorites as well. In that last one she was saying CHEESE for the camera! LOL

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