Posted by: mommyq | March 27, 2007

Look at me..updating AGAIN!!

Well, it was another BUSY weekend at our house.  Saturday, we got our Easter pictures done at Loblaws so, we were up at 7am to get showered and ready to head to the hairdresser for our 9:30am appointment.  We didn’t want to wear our picture clothes so, we had to pack up the car with everything we needed since we were not coming back before our sitting appointment at 12:40.  I always try to plan picture day around my hair cut so, I don’t have to stress over styling my hair for the pictures! LOL  After leaving the salon, we did a bit of shopping since we had some time to kill before picking up the boys so, we hit Best Buy and Future shop since we were in the market for a much needed new computer.  We got the boys at 11:30 and headed straight to Loblaws as we still needed to get dressed and ready for our pictures.  The pictures were as quick and painless as they could be.  Sydney was not very happy about having to sit still and there were tears at the start but, the photographer was great and managed to get loads of smiles out of her.  We got the Deluxe package so, we ended up with 5 poses:  a family shot, Pat and the boys, Sydney and the boys, and two cute singles of just Sydney. 

After the pics, we had a quick pizza lunch and loaded everyone back in the car to head out.  Sean had a friend coming that day for a sleep over so, we took the boys home and commenced our computer shopping with a quick stop at Costco.  (Oh, who am I kidding…stops at Costco are NEVER quick because you get sucked in going up and down all the aisles.)  We grabbed a chicken for dinner since neither one of us felt like cooking and waited in line for what felt like forever to check out (it was SUPER busy) and then finally made our way home.  

We put Syd to bed at 7:30 without any fuss and then went to bed ourselves at about 10:30 or so.  Pat had the bright idea of bringing Syd in to bed with us that night! LOL  Now, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my daughter dearly but, she is the WORST person to sleep with.  For somebody SOOOOO small, she manages to take up SOOOO much room. LMAO  I woke up at one point in the night to go to the bathroom and she had turned herself around with her head towards the foot of the bed and was sleeping with her FACE right in Pat’s butt (which is a VERY dangerous place to be!). LOL  Then, I guess she decided to get the SMELL out of there and made her way over to my side where she slowly edged me over to the very brink of the bed where I slept for the rest of the night.  It wasn’t all a bad experience as I did wake up at one point to my little girl holding my hand in her sleep!  Awwwww.

Sunday was another day of out and about with yet another trip to Costco (for groceries this time as we didn’t have room in the trunk for our groceries the day before), to Loblaws to pick up the pictures (which turned out GREAT if I might add) and then off to Best Buy to get our NEW COMPUTER!!!? I am soo excited to have something that is much zippier than what we had (which was an ancient Dell P3 with a mere 256mb of memory).

It is an HP AMD Athlon X2 4200 Media Center with 1GB of memory, 320GB Sata HD, 16X DVD /-RW With LightScribe, nVidia GeForce 6150LE 128MB Graphics Card and tons of expansion bays and slots.  Pretty much all new computers come loaded with Windows Vista which, I am still not so sure about! LOL  But, it has enough guts so that we can do everything we need AND, I can finally get back to doing some digital scrapbooking since our old computer was just too slow to do anything like that.



  1. Hey Sue!

    Can’t wait to see the new pictures. It’s almost impossible to leave a studio without the deluxe package, eh? LOL!

    Congrats on the new computer!!!!!!! Woohoo!! Looking forward to your digital scrapbooking pages. 🙂

    • It is so true Dana! And, even with the delux pacakge, I still felt like I wanted more poses and more pictures.

      I am hoping to have some down-time this weekend to get some scrap pages done so, hopefully I will have some new ones next week!!! I cannot wait.

      I have been totally slacking in the album department in general. LOL I have prints of only Sydney’s first 6 months (BAD MOMMY) but, I just uploaded a ton to Costco as they are having an Executive Member 12c per print promo on up to 500 pics so, I just cannot pass that up.

  2. Congrats on the new computer Suzie!! How exciting. I can’t wait to see the pictures from Loblaws too. I feel like I can never get enough poses and pictures too.

    • Tell me about it. Loblaws recently came out with an ULTIMATE package so, I think we will have to go with that one next time around! LOL

      We have the pictures back and they turned out great but, I am waiting on the reveal until Easter Weekend so nobody gets a sneak peak! LOL

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