Posted by: mommyq | July 2, 2007

Sydney’s Birthday Party!!

Well, as much as I LOVE a good party, I am happy that that is over! LMAO I am one tired mamma and I am thanking my lucky stars right now that today is a holiday! We vegetated for most of the morning, went to the park for a bit and ended the day at the pool!

Sydney’s birthday was a smashing success (at least I think so! LOL). Sydney was the sweetest little birthday girl and she was very good the entire day. As soon as she saw me come out with the cupcake and candle, she started screaming, “HAPPY DAY!” and when she opened her present, she named everything with a squeal as she opened it, “book….yaaaaayyyyy”, “pants…yaaaayyyy”. After each gift was opened, she went and hugged the gift givers and, at the very end, gave a nice “tank oooo”. It is such a far cry from last year when I opened all of the gifts myself and she had no idea about anything.

First, I will start with a few pics from her actual birthday which shows WHAT a big birthday suck mom is…she is eating a donut, for breakfast, IN MY BED! LOL

And now for the party pics:

I bought the cup-cakes but, spent countless hours making the chocolate letters!

The birthday girl.

The party boat! LOL

Soccer fun.

Praying to the cup-cake gods.

The sugar fog! LOL

Testing out her FAVORITE gift…we had to take a BIG break after this gift because she needed time to take it for a spin! LOL



  1. Looks like she had a great birthday celebration!!! Love the donut picture’s!!! LOL!


  2. What a fun day for Sydney!! Her bike & helmet are too cute. Vanessa loves wearing her’s too. (It’s the same one)

  3. Looks like Syd had a great day!!! The cupcakes looked great!

    Wish we could have been there too…

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