Posted by: mommyq | July 20, 2007

Quick Update…

Just updating quickly since I am at work….

4 weeks, 4 days – I will probably do my big weekly PG updates on Sunday/Monday but, I will post other little bits when I can.

I had a bad day yesterday and felt like total YUCK.  I was nauseated the entire day but, had no trouble eating (acutally..little bits of food throughout the day helped).  I didn’t have any MS with Sydney so, I hope this pregnancy is same in that respect! LOL

I booked my dating Ultrasound for Wednesday, July 25th and will have my due date confirmed (or changed) at that point.  I am not holding out hope of seeing much as I will only be about 5 weeks pregnant so, it is possible that we may not even see a heartbeat.  But, I am holding out hope that we do since it is always so nice and reassuring.



  1. Sue, I love the new blog look! Can’t wait to hear about the U/S!

  2. Feeling YUCK is always a good sign but I do hope that it doesn’t last long for you. Can’t wait to hear about the U/S on Wednesday!

  3. Thanks Guys! I have FINALLY updated about the US! LOL

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