Posted by: mommyq | July 25, 2007


So, tomorrow is my dating ultrasound and OMG, I am nervous as hell!  I have been prepping myself all week to the fact that, “I am only 5 weeks pregnant so, I won’t see much and may not even see a heartbeat” (as the baby’s heart doesn’t usually start beating until about 24 days after conception and tomorrow will be 24 days) but, I just know that if I don’t see that little screen flicker, I will be so sad.  So, I have these crazy emotions running through me right now of excitement because I won’t have to wait much longer for my ultrasound to, wondering if I should have tried to put it off one week in an attempt to see the ever coveted heartbeat.  Anyways, now I am just rambling like a moron! LOL To update…I am still feeling “off” and it is so strange and different from how I was with Sydney.  I don’t feel nauseated really but, I do feel dizzy and light-headed…I would almost describe it as that feeling when you get off the teacup ride at the fair! LOL  Except, I have it constantly.  I also have the usually pulls and stretches that I remember from my first pregnancy…. those are always fun.  Sunday was a horrible day…I had a migraine.  We had the twins christening that day and, I just felt like HELL.  Thankfully, the Christening wasn’t until 2:30 so, I was able to crash for a few hours in the morning and that made all the difference in the world.  I WAS nauseated on Sunday but, I think that had more to do with the migraine and less to do with the pregnancy.  Thankfully, I was feeling better by the time dinner rolled around so, I was able to enjoy the amazing feast that we were served.  Sydney had a great time running around and, was SO exhausted that, she passed out in the car and literally did not wake up at all through me carrying her upstairs, changing her diaper, putting her into her jammies and plopping her into her crib!  And, she slept till about 8:30 or so Monday morning.  I think she had fun. Well, I am off to get my jammies on and put my feet up.


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