Posted by: mommyq | July 30, 2007

6 Weeks – 28 Days after Conception

Well, since my due date was unable to be verified at the US, I am going to continue on with the due date based on my chart and what I assume was my ovulation date.  It has been a pretty uneventfull few days.  I am feeling MUCH better and, my light headedness, dizzyness and ovary pains are gone, gone and gone.  I feel pretty good and, hope that it keeps up!  I re-booked my next US for August 8th so, just over a week to go!

 I also had some really great news today from a friend who is also pregnant and due in February (this seems to be a busy month) but, I won’t reveal any names.  I now have 3 friends pregnant and due in February!!!!  Exciting times!  Well, on to the update…

 Six Week Update

You are now 6 weeks pregnant (28 days after conception), which is the beginning of week 7. The woman’s period is two weeks late. For many women, the physical signs of early pregnancy are now becoming quite noticeable. Your baby’s crown to rump length is about 5 mm (or 0.2 of an inch) and their facial features are gradually building up around a wide mouth. Their lower jaw forms first, shortly followed by their upper jaw. Your baby’s head and forehead are comparatively large and their brain is now forming within, with the start of bulging eyes on each side of their head. Some scientists have compared the look of unborn babies at this stage to that of E.T!

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Your baby’s limbs start to lengthen to form arms and then legs, with their hands and feet resembling ridged paddles, that will eventually become fingers and toes. Their internal organs are also taking shape. Their gullet (or ‘oesophagus’), stomach, kidneys and bowel are being defined, as well as 2 small buds which will form into lungs. Their heart is forming chambers and is beating away efficiently at 120 to 180 beats per minute! An ultrasound at this stage can detect an unborn baby’s heart beat relatively easily, unless the pregnancy is less advanced than first thought.



  1. Suzie – that is so exciting that your friend is pregnant too. My BF and I were pregnant together when I had Ty (our sons were 8 weeks apart) and again this time (we should be about 4 weeks apart). It’s so much fun to have someone to share the experience with.

  2. Yes, it is really exciting and I cannot wait! I love having preggo comrads! LOL

  3. Ha this seems like a popular month for a lot of us to be due!! It must have been …summer fever?:-) Congratulations!

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