Posted by: mommyq | August 7, 2007

7 Weeks – 35 Days after Conception

I promise to post about our great long weekend with pics tomorrow night but, for now, I just wanted to get the weekly update done so that I can go to bed! LOL

 Seven week update

You are now 7 weeks pregnant (35 days after conception), which is the beginning of week 8. Your baby has more than doubled in size during the last week, to be just over 1 cm in length (or 0.4 inches) and is now looking more human. Each eye now has an optic cup, retina and lens and your baby’s nasal pits are now present. These will extend to become their nostrils. Your baby’s inner ears and tongue are starting to form and their upper jaw and palate come together this week, fusing as one. (If this fails to happen, the baby may be born with a cleft lip and/or palate.)

Your baby’s tadpole-like ‘tail’ is noticeably receding and their trunk is now slightly straighter. Your baby now has a pancreas and an appendix and the beginnings of their reproductive organs, although not distinctly male or female yet. By the end of this week a fine, transparent layer of skin covers their body and their fingers (although still webbed) are now being defined as distinct thumbs and fingers.

Found this really cool resource for embryo pics so, I will post an interesting video each week:

 In this one, you can see the heart just pumping away….VERY COOL

Current size is comparable to a small raspberry.


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