Posted by: mommyq | August 8, 2007

Long Weekend!

We had a fantastic but busy long weekend!  We had Sean for the weekend as well so, we had a full house.  Sydney is very smitten with her big brother so, she spent the weekend stuck up his butt! LOL  Which was nice for me because it gave me a bit of a reprieve from being the usual recipient of the Baby Butt Plug.Friday, I got off work at 3pm for the long weekend so, I was able to get home, relax for a bit and then we went down to the pool for a swim.  On the swimming front, Syd is doing so well.  Now that she has her little float suit, she LOVES the independence she has in the water and, has really blossomed.  She loves to dunk under the water, jump off the edge and, has even started sticking her face in the water to swim forward by kicking her feet and moving her arms.  I am just amazed at her natural swimming skill.  Mind you, I am sure it helps that we get down to the pool a few times a week.Saturday morning, Patrick went and picked up Sean and, we spent the rest of the day relaxing at home and going for yet another swim.


Sean made a great advance in his swimming as well on Saturday as he did a full lap from the shallow to the deep end.  He also managed to get the whole “floating” thing worked out and, he started getting the courage up to jump off the edge.Sunday, we did some more puttering around the house in the morning and headed out for a visit with Nanna & Poppa Quinn.  Patrick and his dad were supposed to do some work on the car but, Patrick procrastinated on getting the parts and, when we stopped to pick them up, we found out that they were completely out of stock!  So, instead we spent the afternoon playing Blongo Ball and visiting with Samantha (and I guess Moe and Taras as well).


This was the best picture that we could get.  The kids and DRUNK Uncle Pat! LOL  (he wasn’t really drunk, he just looked that way! HA)Sunday was another busy day.  We decided that we wanted to go to Rib Fest and it was so much fun!  We arrived around noon and, made our way over to the food area right away.  They had the finals of the adult and children Karaoke going on at the main stage so, we found ourselves a nice table in the shade and finished up our coffee.  Sydney enjoyed the music and had a great time dancing around the table:


They left the rib decision up to me so, I picked the vendor with the longest line! LOL  I waited in line for almost an hour but, man oh man was it worth it.  Our lunch consisted of pork ribs and corn on the cob (done on the grill and then dipped in butter) and I am STILL salivating thinking about it.  We got a rack of ribs ($20 for a rack) and 4 corn on the cob ($12) but, we easily could have eaten another rack….but, nobody was willing to stand in line again since we were fairly full.Sydney loved the corn:

and was so cute eating this GIANT ear of corn that she attracted the attention of the Scarborough Mirror photographer who asked our permission to take her pic.

So, he said if her pic is chosen, the picture and her name would appear in the paper.  He wasn’t sure if would be in the Wednesday or Friday edition so, we will have to keep our eyes peeled for it.  But, he said based on the cuteness factor, it had a VERY good chance of being selected.  How cool.After getting our bellies filled, we hit the midway and let the kids go on a few rides.  We tried to get Sean’s picture on the Strawberry ride but, they were spinning to fast for us to get a decent shot:


This was the best we could get! LOLSydney‘s ride moved a lot SLOWER so, we were able to capture her glee:


The midway went off ALMOST without incident.  We had let Syd and Sean go up on the big crazy slide together.  Sean carried the blankets require and he and Syd made their way (slowly) up the stairs.  I found out from Sean later that the woman behind them on the stairs was bitching at him the entire time about how SLOW Sydney was and why couldn’t he just pick her up????  Who the HELL does that?  At a FAIR?  Losers.  I didn’t confront the mom directly but, I did make sure that she was in earshot while I told Sean not to feel bad as unfortunately, some people are just inconsiderate and don’t understand that these types of places are for children and that they have no business being there if they want to complain about petty stuff. 🙂  I may have gone a little overboard when I praised Sean on handling the situation so well in the face of the woman’s immaturity. LMAOAfter the midway, we decided to hit the wading pool in the park to let the kids cool off a bit before heading home but, after a few minutes, we decided to just pack it up and go home for a nice long dip in the pool! LOL  I had to stop myself from thinking about all of the pee that could potentially be lurking in that water as I watched Sydney have a blast splashing around:


Blech! HA HA  This was one of the only pictures I was able to get off because there was a child in the wading pool that literally stood in front of the camera the minute I pulled it out of my pocket!  I guess he wanted his picture taken!!!!!!!So, all in all, we had a great…BUSY….weekend!  It was loads of fun.



  1. That corn looks sooooo yummy!!

    Did you find out if her picture made it in the paper?? I bet it did…I mean, how could they not put her cute face in the paper??

    Looks like a great weekend.

  2. It actually DIDN’T make the paper. There was a pic of a little girl eating corn but, she was not as cute! LMAO

    I think they pick a photographer and then all the pics are by one person because they had the photographer listed as a Kim somebody and the one taking Syd’s pic was a guy.

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