Posted by: mommyq | August 19, 2007

9 Weeks – 49 Days after Conception

You are now 9 weeks pregnant (49 days after conception), which is the beginning of week 10. Many women are now choosing their caregiver and their baby’s birthplace.

Science no longer refers to your baby as an ’embryo’. They are now called a ‘fetus’ (also spelt ‘foetus’), which is a Latin word meaning ‘young one’. Your baby now measures more than 2.5 cm from crown to rump (or 1 inch) and the webbing between their fingers and toes has now disappeared, creating separate digits. Your baby’s nail beds are starting to form, but actual nails will not be present until they are about 20 weeks.

Your baby’s heart now has 4 distinct chambers as well as the valves within their aorta and pulmonary blood vessels. These direct blood flow ‘one way’ to and from their body and lungs. The yolk sac has now disappeared and your baby’s blood is being produced by their liver. Their blood production will eventually be taken over by their bone marrow, once their bones fully mature. Your baby’s lungs are growing, as the ‘bronchi’ branch out, spreading through their chest.

Your baby is now developing elbows, knees, wrists and ankles. Their bones are initially soft and flexible (made of cartilage) and muscle tissue is now forming between their skin and bones. Your baby’s neck is more developed, allowing them to slightly lift and turn their head! Your baby may now be able to touch their own face with their hand (the beginnings of thumb sucking!)

Your baby now has an anus and their ovaries or testes are well developed. However, both sexes look the same at this early stage because their external sex organs are just beginning to form.

Video of the Week:



  1. Congrats BabyQ on your graduation from embryo to fetus!! And congrats on successfully growing an anus…and ovaries or testes (depending on what sex you are), I’m sure you will find them very useful in the future! 😉

    Sue, I can’t believe you are 9w (would that be 11w LMP date?) already!!!!! Woohoo!!!

  2. Thanks Dana! I wish I was 11 weeks PG though. The 9 weeks is from LMP! 😦 But, this PG feels like it is moving MUCH faster than my first tri with Syd!

  3. Thanks Dana. I am actually only 9 weeks as per LMP. 😦 But, it is moving faster than the first tri when I was pregnant with Syd! LOL

  4. Suzie- this pregnancy is moving much faster for me too! LOL!! Congrats on hitting the 9 week mark. Almost 1/4 of the way there.

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