Posted by: mommyq | September 17, 2007

So much to update about, so little energy…

I am literally sitting at my desk this afternoon falling asleep!!!

To give a quick update on what is going on…  I had my midwife appointment on Thursday and, all went well.  At the end, she wanted to check my blood pressure so, I jumped up on the table and let her do her thing.  She took the reading and when I hear, “that can’t be right” I KNEW something was up.  I have never ever had high blood pressure and, with Sydney, I had a perfect 120/80 at every check-up so, when my midwife performed her 3 check and advised me that my blood pressure was 165/110, I was completely SHOCKED!!!!!  Now, granted, I had been running around like a fool all day with my mom getting stuff for Syd’s christening, it was SUPER high.  I was instructed to go home, put my feet up and RELAX for the rest of the day to see if that helped but, that I should not let it go too long because if it remained that high, I was going to have to go on medication.  The next morning, my BP was 155/102 so, I went to work with plans to pop into a clinic on my way home (my family doc was on holidays) and, that evening, my BP was still high at 165/100 so, I received a prescription and was sent on my way.  Now, being the freak that I am, I read everything I could get my hands on about this medication and effects on the fetus and sat on my medication until Saturday night when Pat convinced me that I needed to start taking it ASAP.  So, I listen to my wise husband and took my first dose. 

So, now I feel like hell since there is a 1 week adjustment to the meds which involes extreme fatigue, dizziness, lightheadeness, etc. etc.  Basically, the medication makes your blood pressure drop and, until your BP stabalizes at a lower pressure, your body has to deal with the symptoms of an extreme drop in blood pressure.  On top of that, at some point yesterday, I developed a scratchy throat which means I am most likely coming down with a cold!  LOVELY

I am at work right now but, I am seriously ready to crawl under my desk right now and take a nap.  I hate feeling like this.  I was in bed last night by 9:30 and, don’t think I will make it much later tonight.

We had Sydney’s christening yesterday and it was awesome.  I will update soon with pictures and details.  She was an absolute princess both in looks and behaviour!


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