Posted by: mommyq | September 18, 2007

13 weeks pregnant, 2nd Trimester

In all of my other updates, I forgot to post my 13 week update!  I am officially now 1/3 of the way through this pregnancy.  When I was pregnant with Sydney, this was the stage where things started moving in hyperdrive till about 30 weeks or so.  Hopefully, it will be the same with this one.  I got all of my requisitions from my MW appointment on Thursday so, I have to do an early gestational diabetes test (since I had it last pregnancy, she wants to check it now and again at the scheduled time).  I have to do my bloodwork, my 15-16 week IPS bloodwork and book my ultrasound which she said I can book for about 18 weeks.

 13 weeks


Your fully formed fetus, now in about its 11th week of development, measures 2.6 to 3.1 inches from crown to rump and weighs between half an ounce and seven-tenths of an ounce — about the size of a peach. The head is still disproportionately bigger than the body, but the rest of the body is starting to catch up. In fact, your baby is growing rapidly these days. The face is starting to look more human, with eyes moving closer together. Toes and fingers are clearly separate, and ankles and wrists have formed. External genitalia are becoming visible. Intestines are shifting into their proper place, too.

Your uterus has grown a lot. It’s filling your pelvis now and starting to grow upward into your abdomen. It probably feels like a soft, smooth ball. If you haven’t put on any weight yet because of morning sickness, you’ll begin to now as you start to feel better.

This is around the time I SHOULD be getting a renewed burst of energy but, thanks to my blood pressure medication, I am having non of that! LMAO


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