Posted by: mommyq | September 25, 2007


So far, I have felt it today on about 4 different occasions so, I am pretty confident that it is the real deal!  It is crazy tho because I did not feel movement this early with Sydney…mind you, I also had no idea what it might feel like so, I could have just missed it.  But, I will know more as this phenomenon continues so, I just wanted to update NOW so if it does turn out to be baby movement, I have it documented! 🙂

In other late breaking news, I finally came out of the closet today at work and announced my pregnancy.  I figured I really should say something before I couldn’t fit out the closet door! HA HA



  1. How exciting!!!!!!

    I felt movement earlier with each baby too.

    And congrats on coming out of the closet!!

  2. Thanks Dana! I am pretty sure now that it is movement since it is a daily thing.

  3. Suzie how exciting!! I didn’t feel movement from any of my babies until at least 20 weeks – once born they haven’t stopped moving though. lol!!
    I love following along with your pregnancy.

  4. That is so great – kinda makes it really real…..hope your pregnancy is an easy one!

  5. Thanks girls! This crazy pregnancy seems to be moving along at warp speed. I’m sure I will be singing a different tune when I am 30 weeks pregnant but, for now, it is moving QUICK.

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