Posted by: mommyq | October 10, 2007

My Day in the ER!

 had my blood work today (2 hour glucous and a bunch of other stuff) and, I have been having some abdominal pain the last 3-4 days and, it has been getting progressively worse so, on the advice of my midwife, I went into the ER after my bloodwork to get it checked out. I was there from 11 freaking AM till 4 PM. I got poked and prodded with some MORE needles (as if the 6 viles of blood they took earlier in the day wasn’t enough) and, had to sit around forever with a headache from not eating and having to drink that crazy sugar shit only to have them not be able to tell me much. The BABY is completely fine (and as a bonus, I got to see him/her during the ultrasound). The tech was fantastic and literally started the US, turned the screen towards me and said, “before I get going with measurements, just wanted to show you the heartbeat”. I thought that was super nice of her because they generally let you sweat till the very end. My bloodwork ruled out pretty much all of the baby related worries that the doc had (aka HELLP(sp?), etc.) so, he wants me back tomorrow for another ultrasound to check my organs as the area of the pain is higher (upper GI). He is not sure why they didn’t check it while checking the baby but, he figures they were mainly interested in ruling out anything baby related. They ordered all of the tests BEFORE I saw the doc (to speed things up) so, that makes sense.

Once they did a final check of my urine, they gave me some Tylenol for the pain and sent me home. It feels like such a waste of a day sitting in the hospital but, I guess I should count myself lucky that they at least were able to rule out any baby related problems but, now they just ahve to figure out what the hell is wrong with me.



  1. It’s good that everything is fine 🙂 At least you have that peace of mind now.

  2. Thanks Pam. I do feel much better knowing that nothing is wrong with the bubs.

  3. Oh Sue, what a long day! I’m glad the baby is ok and I hope you get some relief & answers soon!

  4. Suzie- what a pain. I HATE getting poked with needles. So good to hear that baby is doing well though.

  5. Thanks girls!! As you will see by the update I will post today, the visit to the ER was a TOTAL waste because they are incompetent!!

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