Posted by: mommyq | October 22, 2007

Our trip to the pumpkin patch (aka the apple farm).

We decided to try Chudleighs Apple Farm this year for our pumpkin patch experience and, we had a GREAT time.  We will probably try something new each year but, it was a great start.  Because of the fantastic weather on Sunday, the farm was PACKED when we arrived.  But, we managed to get great parking right by the entrance and we were in rather quickly.  Our first stop was the animal area where we saw sheeps, pigs, goats, rabbits, ducks, chickens, llamas, a baby calf and a pony.  Sydney loved them all and, got to pet quite a few.  The calf and the pony were her favorite.  Here she is waiting for the calf to come back around and give her some lovin:

Once we were done visiting with all of the animals, we decided to take the apple picking wagon ride (while we still had the energy LOL) so, we checked our stroller and waited in line.  The wagons were running every few minutes so, we were whisked off to the orchards within minutes.  At this time of the year, all they had left were Russets, Northern Spy and Golden Delicious so, we decided to stick with Golden Delicious.  It was slim pickings at first but, we then found one tree that was just BURSTING with apples so, we ended up picking two large bag fulls (about 13 lbs so, if anybody wants apples, come on over!).

Once we had filled up our bags, we found a nice shady spot and had a little bit of an apple picnic. LOL

Once we got back to the main area, we decided it was time for a little lunch so, we had sausages, bbq corn and Pop Shop Pop (mmmmm, haven’t had that in ages).

After filling our bellies, we headed over to the pony rides and, can I just tell you, my daughter has the pony bug for sure.  This was her second time on a pony and, she had this HUGE grin on her face the entire time and kept saying, “LOOVVEEEE da Pony” LOL

Finally, we let her run loose some more on the hay bales and in the pumpkin pile.  I am amazed at how much fun a bunch of pumpkins can be for kids.  They were squealing and running around like crazy.

When she finally planted her but on a pumpkin for a rest, we knew it was time to head to the bakery and then head home.

We picked up the Chudleighs famous (and super yummy) Apple Blossoms in Apple, Carmel Apple and Bumble Berry.  We were too full from dinner last night (meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas) to enjoy any but, I have a lighter dinner planned for tonight JUST so we can partake in some dessert! LOL



  1. Oh the sweetness!!! She is such a doll! I love that little pink sweater with hood! Sounds like a great day 🙂

  2. Great pumpkin patch picture Suzie. I feel a scrapbook page coming on…lol! Looks like a beautiful day.

  3. Thanks girls! Nic, that pink sweater with the hood was my find of the century…it was during our Buffallo shop and, it was $4.99! And, it is a size XS (4) so, it should fit her for years! LOL

    The day was pretty awesome and, we couldn’t have asked for better weather!

  4. What a cutie!! It looks like she had such a great time!!! I love that sweater too…too cute!

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