Posted by: mommyq | November 15, 2007

Swelling SUCKS!!!

I once again reminded my lovely husband this morning that ONLY a MALE with his genetic make-up could POSSIBLY cause me this much grief.So, add to the blood pressure, I am now dealing with MASSIVE swelling in my left ankle/lower leg.  It started about a week ago as your standard swelling at the end of the day so, I would just come home and try my best to keep my foot up.  Well, a few days ago, it started being an all time thing where I would wake up in the morning with it swollen and, it is soooo swollen now that it actually hurts.  It tingles from the skin being pulled so tight and, I have pains in a few spots.  So, I went into Labour & Delivery last night to get checked…  It turns out that after 20 weeks, you can walk into any L&D and they will check you so, no waiting at a clinic or hospital for hours on end.  They don’t LIKE to take you at a hospital where you aren’t registered to deliver but, they cannot turn you away (a nice tip from my nurse) so, Pat took me to Centenary at 7ish and we were home by 8:30.  They checked my blood pressure which was fine at 130/75, they checked my urine which was fine and had no protein and, basically told me that it was just one of those things that happens.  I will probably have a doppler US on Monday when I go to see my OB to rule out a clot but, other than that, it is an unsolved mystery.So, I am at work today wearing sandals (because that is all I could get to fit) with freezing toes (because I REFUSE to reduce myself to socks and sandals) with my foot up on my overturned recycle bin.  Thankfully, my replacement has started already to be trained so, she is doing any and all running around.  I will have to go out this weekend and pick up some shoes to wear.  As much as it pains me to say this, I might buy a pair of crocs for the rest of the winter.  I know they make a fur lined one that can be worn with socks.  I shudder at the thought but, what is a poor swollen girl to do?



  1. Suzie, I am LMAO at you wearing sandals with freezing toes b/c you refuse to wear socks with Sandals! It’s funny what we will go through in the sake of fashion 🙂 Hope you get some relief from the swelling soon!

  2. Oh Suzie- I had swelling too – it’s still a recent painful memory too. Hang in there- it’s all worth it and hopefully your co-workers will eventually forget about you wearing crocs to work. LOL!

  3. Oh no Suzie. Take it easy and hopefully the swelling will get better soon

  4. Hi Sue!

    My mom took Makaio to church today and she said Sydney and him had so much fun together. Dancing and eating, hugging and kissing lol. So cute!! Noone had a camera though.

    Congrats on having a boy!!

  5. Thanks girls! As you can see by my new update, there is hope in sight! 🙂

    Stef, I heard our kiddos had a great time today…almost toooo great of a time! LOL Pat was not happy about the hugging/kissing part so, Makaio may get a little bit of a talk next time we see you guys! LMAO

  6. Hi Sue I am glad you figured out what was wrong. Yes the kids had a great time together they were sharing their food, and dancing together at one point sydney was trying to get into a chair and makaio went to help and was trying to lift her up into it, (like a little gentlemen) it was so adorable they had a great time.


  7. That is sooo cute! We should get them together more often…they obviously have fun together!

    I asked Sydney when I saw her, “did you have fun with Makaio today” and she said, “yeah, I love Makaio” LOL

  8. That is so cute.
    Yes maybe someday we can arrange a playdate at your moms so they can get to know each other.


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