Posted by: mommyq | December 15, 2007

The Novel…

So, for those of you that have been following along with stuff, save yourself the read and, just skip to the last paragraph! LOL  For those that enjoy reading and, want to get an update, grab a drink and settle in: LOL

So, as you all know, I have been dealing with some swelling in my foot which they believed was an infection.  I had finished my IV antibiotics and, I was finishing off my second round of oral antibiotics when, my foot swelling and redness got worse on Tuesday of last week.  So, Wednesday, I went in to see my family doctor and, she felt that we may not just be dealing with an infection so, she got on the phone with my OB so that I could be seen ASAP.  She sent me home to await her call and, after getting a hold of my OB and chatting, it was decided that I should head in to Labour & Delivery to be seen by the OB on call.  My OB called ahead and let them know I was coming.  So, my mom came and picked up Sydney and, we headed downtown to the hospital.  We were put into a triage room and seen rather quickly however, it was decided that they wanted to re-run leg dopplers to rule out blood clots and, they decided to do both legs instead of just the one.  Since it was after 5pm by the time we were in and seen, we had quite a wait ahead of us.  The triage nurse felt bad for us since the triage beds/rooms aren’t meant for long waits so, they put us in an L&D room at about 9pm.  The US guy didn’t end up showing until about 11pm and, since he had to do both legs and, answer pages constantly, we didn’t wrap up until about 1pm.  These came back negative and, since there was nothing more they could do till morning, they sent me home with instructions to contact my OB in the morning.

Thursday morning, I contacted my OBs office and was told to go BACK to L&D because she wanted me to see OB Medicine…they are Fetal and Maternal Specialists and basically deal with various items that crop up during pregnancy.  We go to the hospital at about 11am and, spent another long day waiting, seeing people, getting tests, etc. etc.  The OB Medicine team reminded Pat and I of our favourite show House and, we quickly realized that having a team of doctors hmmmm, haw and scratch their heads about what might be wrong with you only makes for good TV and, isn’t so great in real life.  So, after some debate, they decided that I did have an infection that was antibiotic resistant (MRSA or Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) so, the plan was to get me set up again with home care to receive antibiotics.  This time, the drug of choice was Vancomycin which was stronger than the original antibiotic I was taking and, the best for treating this particular infection.  So, since it was already to late in the day to be set up with home care, they administered my first dose at 8pm and the plan was to send me home and, I would come back in the following day for my morning dose (the drug is administered every 12 hours) and, HomeCare would be set to get me going on my evening dose.  They inserted my IV which was NOT an easy feat. Generally, I have pretty decent hand/forearm veins for IV but, I have just been poked and prodded so much lately that my veins are SHOT.  The first nurse attempted 2x and both times, the vein collapsed or “ran away”.  They then called in the IV nurse and, she was sweet and froze the area before digging around but, was also unable to get a vein.  As a last resort, they called in the Anesthesiologist and, he was able to get one.  It wasn’t a great one and, he said it may not last more than a few days.  I was finally hooked in and, they ran the medication.  The minute the meds were done running, I got the worst case of itchy scalp EVER and, felt like I had a million little bugs in my hair.  As I itched Pat watched the redness run from my forehead all the way down my face.  There were no hives or anything so, the docs felt it wasn’t an allergic reaction but, was instead something referred to as Red Man Syndrome which can happen with Vanco.  So, they gave me some Benadryl, watched me for 45 minutes and, sent us on our way.  What they do is lock the IV so, you still have the site in your arm but, there is only a small piece of tube running out that just needs to be flushed and connected to an IV. 

The next morning, since I didn’t want to go downtown just for some meds, the set it up and sent me with documents so I could just go into a hospital near my house and get my dose.  THey also sent me with some Benadryl and told me to take them 1 hour before the medication dose.  This worked and, I had no reaction to the second dose of the meds.  I came home and, waited on my HomeCare supplies and, to get a call from the nurse.  There was a delay with the supplies so, we didn’t get everything hooked in until later and, since my morning dose wasn’t done until 11am (gotta love the wait at emerg) she set it to run for 11pm and, was on her way.  Pat and I got settled into bed and were REALLY looking forward to a good nights sleep when the 11pm dose started.  It ran for 15 minutes and then, my arm got red and scratchy and, the IV site came out.  But, not before dosing my skin tissue with some of the Vanco and causing a MASSIVE bruise.  I stopped the pump and, we got dressed and headed back to L&D.  Syd was sleeping so, I just wrapped her in a blankie and scooped her up.  She slept the entire time and, only awoke when we were crossing the street into the hospital and, she heard the loud air ambulance overhead.  She was soo cute but, didn’t get upset…just looked around and checked everything out.  L&D was awesome and, they had us in and out within about 35-40 minutes.  The same OB from Thursday night was on and he was wondering what we were doing back again! LOL  He had a quiet night so, he had a nice time playing with Sydney and chatting with us about my situation.  I got my new IV site (which was the most secure one I have had through this whole fiasco) in on the first shot and, we came home and crawled into bed.  The nice thing about the pumps is, you turn them off if anything is wrong and, when you turn them back on again, they start up where they left off so, as soon as I was hooked back in, I turned on the pump and finished getting my antibiotic dose.

The Saturday was fairly uneventful.  I had my dose at noon (since the pump was delayed by an hour by the last nights fiasco) and, didn’t have a problem with it.  The Saturday night dose was a completely different story however.  Again, at about midnight, the pump started and, I guess my vein had collapsed because the second the pump started, I felt this massive burning pain.  Pat was in the other room and, I was in so much pain I couldn’t speak or call out to him so, thankfully, he heard me crying and, came in to check on me.  We turned the pump off and, at this point, my hand was puffy and swollen.  This particular antibiotic is very strong and, wreaks havoc on tissue.  We removed the entire IV site because after 20 minutes, I was still in pain.  I spoke with Telehealth and, they advised that my best bet was to just leave the IV site out and, have my doctor re-assess on Monday since, I had received enough treatments that, I would still have the antibiotic in my system even if I missed a day.  So, we spent a MUCH needed lazy day on Sunday.

Monday morning, Pat was back at work and, my mom and Syd came to my appointment with me so I wasn’t alone.  The appointment was at 8:30am and, since the redness and swelling had not really improved much which it should have even with only 4 doses so, they decided at that point to admit me and, get an MRI to rule out a blood clot higher up in the pelvic area.  I was checked in to my room by about noonish and, not much happened that day.  The OB med docs came in towards the end of the day and, ordered a repeat leg doppler and, an MRI.  As a precaution, the decided to start giving me Lovanox which is a blood thinner.  I got my first dose at 8pm and, was [sarcasm] soo excited[/sarcasm] to find out that it was an injection.  They injected it into the back of my arm and, because of the type of med, it can cause bruising so, the backs of my arms now match with my forearms and hands. LOL  They also had to get some blood done (groan) and, it took a few tries to get anything.

Tuesday, they were able to get the leg doppler done and, because of the way the MRI request was worded, when the leg doppler came back negative, the radiologist cancelled the MRI request! 😦  The OB medicine team didn’t find out about the cancellation until later in the day so, there wasn’t anything they could do till morning.  This is where the craziness with the MRI started and, it continued on for days.  The particular radiologist that they were dealing with was not comfortable doing the MRI without using a contrast which is something they don’t like to do in pregnant woman.  The MRI itself is not harmful to the fetus since there is no radiation (only magnets) but, there isn’t enough information on the contrast to make them comfortable doing it.  My doctor REALLY wanted the MRI so, she contacted another radiologist and found one that was comfortable doing the test WITHOUT the contrast.  This took us until FRIDAY and, I didn’t get my MRI until Friday at 3pm.  During that time, I was also seen by the Infectious Diseases team who did believe that I had the MRSA so, they put my back on the Vanco on Thursday.  Basically, what the doctor was saying was that was REALLY the only antibiotic that they could give based on the type of infection and the fact that I was pregnant but, that, as a precaution, they would give me Benadryl and Tylenol 1 hour before each dose to deal with any reactions.

The MRI was one interesting experience which wouldn’t have been half as bad if I wasn’t pregnant.  By the time they got me on the table and, got me all fastened in and, got the top piece attached to me, my poor preggo belly was close to the top of the tube.  To make matters worse, Mr. Noah DID NOT like all of the noise and commotion from the machine so, he was kicking me like nobody’s business!!!  This of course was right after they explained that the most important thing was to stay very still in order to get a good picture! HA  Thankfully I was able to keep still despite the commotion in my belly and, it was over relatively quickly with good results.  They got great pictures and, my doctor came in at about 4:30 and explained that I did NOT have a blood clot (YAY) but, that they could see that due to Noah’s position, he was compressing a few of my veins which was most likely the reason for the swelling.  So, although the infection should clear up within the next week, I will most likely be stuck with the swollen foot until I deliver.  At this point (5ish on Friday) they were going to be keeping me in the hospital until MOnday to administer the antibiotics but, when I spoke with the attending later in the day, I explained that I already had teh pump, the medication in my fridge, etc. etc. and, that I could just get the antibiotic at home and come back on Monday for the follow-up.  He was ok with that so, he signed my discharge papers and, we got to come home!  The Benadryl makes me REALLY drowsy so, it didn’t take much for me to get to sleep last night and, today, I had a nice long nap in the afternoon.  I actually can see some improvement in the foot today which is GREAT so, I will continue to stay off of my feet as much as I can and, hopefully I will be semi back to normal before the holidays!



  1. What an ordeal!!! I’m exhausted reading that Sue!!! Please get some rest woman 🙂

  2. Yeah, it was one hell of a week! LOL I am resting as much as I can…actually, the Benadryl helps since it knocks me out so, I have no choice but to sleep.

  3. Good Lord Suzie!! You’ve had just about enough I’m sure. I hope it’s smooth sailing from here.

  4. OMG Sue! MRSA!!!??? Serious stuff.
    I had no idea they were looking into all of that. You poor girl/pin cushion/medical experiment.

    Just reading about the difficulty they were having getting a vein made me queazy.

    I am praying that the rest of the pregnancy goes really smoothly.


    Love Dane 🙂

  5. Thanks guys. It has been one hell of an ordeal! Unfortunately, it isn’t QUITE over. Am journaling about it now. 😦

  6. Holy crap! My thoughts are with you all – I’ve been a little behind in my reading so I started here. Hope all is well since this….At least he’s kicking up a storm 😉

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