Posted by: mommyq | December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!! – 27 Weeks

Wishing everyone a wonderfull holiday!!!  After many ups and downs, Patrick and I managed to pull it all off.  We finished the LAST of our Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve but, that was because something we had ordered to be delivered didn’t show.  We didn’t get any Christmas pictures in the studio and, never managed to get a picture of Sydney with Santa which makes me a little sad but, on the bright side, it could have been sooo much worse (aka being stuck in the hospital today!).

Just a quick update from my last journal entry.  I ended up striking a deal with my doctor and trying one last attempt at a peripheral IV inserted by an anesthesiologist which, lasted 2 doses and started hurting (generally the sign that it is getting ready to go) so, I called and, my doctors were able to work their magic and, get me in on Thursday for a Picc Line.  Mount Sinai was completely booked and would not have been able to fit me in before the holidays but, my OB called my family doctor and, she was able to work her magic and, within 20 minutes, had me booked in to have the line inserted in 1 hour at the Chemo Clinic at Centennary!!  After the procedure was all said and done, I realized it wasn’t as bad as it was made to seem but, they did have to give me and Ativan prior to the procedure because I was freaking a little!  The procedure itself was done by a Vascular Access RN (specialized in veins and this particular procedure) and was done completely free of any guiding devices such as X-ray etc. (which was actually a bit of a relief because the less radiation I can expose myself to, the better!).  The entire process took about 3 hours and, involved lots of measuring from the proposed insertion site (my right arm inside of my elbow) to where they want the catheter to end (about 1 inch from your heart).  My biggest concern was her inserting too far and going into my heart however, she assured me that even if she did, I would only feel a momentary flutter and, there would be no damage caused.  So, once they were done measuring, they inserted the catheter line the same way they would a regular IV (with a needle).  This took 2 tries but, didn’t really hurt at all.  Once she had the vein, the prep the room to be completely sterile (this took QUITE some time).  Once the room was sterile and my nurse was gowned up and ready to go, they freeze the area, make a small nick at the IV site to make it larger and, start feeding the catheter (which has a steel type leading wire on the inside) up into my veins.  At one point, she asked me to tell her if I heard a wooshing in my ears or felt anything in my ears….I started to hazard a guess and ask why but, I decided I REALLY didn’t need to know! LOL  Maybe one day I will look it up and find out the reason but, for now, I am happy to be ignorant.  I was then told to pull my chin to my shoulder which helps the progression of the catheter around the turn it has to make towards my heart.  Once she was done, they called for a portable X-ray and, the lady arrived to take a chest X-ray to confirm the position of the end before they finalize the procedure.  The X-ray came back showing that she was in a good position and, only needed to insert the catheter another 2cm.  Once that was done, the lead wire was removed and, the outer portion of the Picc Line was put in place.  So far, it has been great and, it is so nice to no longer have to worry about losing my IV site and having to rush around to hospitals to get a new one put in.

My final dose of the antibiotic is Wednesday night so, Thursday, I can go back into the chemo clinic to have the Picc Line removed.  Whew…what a holiday! LOL

In other news, I am now 27 weeks pregnant with little Mr. Noah and, since I haven’t done a weekly update in a is what is going on with him:

27 Weeks Pregnant – 13 weeks to go!

You are now 27 weeks pregnant which is the beginning of week 28. Your baby is about 37cm long (or 14.8 inches) and weighs about 1,100 grams (or 2lb 7 oz). Many babies of this gestation like to lie in a breech position (or bottom down, head up). For most women , the uterus will now encroach on their ribcage and lungs, often causing breathlessness, even while just sitting and talking.

Your baby is now developing their immune system, as your natural antibodies pass to them through the placenta. They are now capable of starting to coordinate their ‘suck and swallow’ action that will be needed for them to drink milk after being born. However, this reflex is not fully mature until 32 to 34 weeks. Your baby may look around and is capable of distinguishing light from dark and tracking movement.

Babies born at 28 weeks or less are regarded as ‘extremely premature’. However, only 9% of all premature babies are born at less than 28 weeks gestation. In recent years, modern advances in technology have increased the health and survival rates of babies born this early. Babies born at around 27 to 28 weeks gestation have about a 75 to 85% chance of survival, if they have access to specialised care and a fully equipped intensive care nursery.

Are you 27 weeks pregnant? Check out’s week by week calendar to learn more about you and your baby.



  1. Hey Sue!

    It was great seeing you guys. 🙂 You were in such good spirits considering all you have been through.
    We missed you this New Years.

    So?? How did the removal of the Picc line go?

  2. Yikes…good job for not freaking out. Hope you had a great christmas and new years besides all the needles.

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