Posted by: mommyq | January 22, 2008

Appointment Update and 31 Weeks

I had an OB appointment yesterday and, the first of my many biophysical profile ultrasounds.  Because of the hypertension, I be having an ultrasound from this point forward every 2 weeks so that they can monitor the baby and the placenta.  A big concern with high blood pressure is growth restriction of the fetus due to deterioration of the placenta.  Since I have been treated for the pressure since 12 weeks, this isn’t a MAJOR concern but, they still like to keep an eye on the growth/hapiness of the baby!  Well, Noah scored an 8/8 yesterday which is excellent!  They measure size, estimated weight, fetal tone, breathing movements, amniotic fluid levels, the activity of the placenta.  Everything was in the normal range and, he is currently being estimated to weight 4 lbs which puts him on track for about 7.5 lbs if I go full term to 40 weeks.  We also determined that he is already in the head down position (which I could have told them since for the last week, I feel like I have a bowling ball in my crotch).

So, that was all well and, the icing on the cake was, I PASSED MY FINAL GD TEST!!! Since I had GD my last pregnancy, they started testing me at 24 weeks and, I have had a 2 hour glucous and a 3 hour glucous test. Well, 2 weeks ago, they wanted to schedule me for ANOTHER 3 hour but, I convinced them to just let me do the 1 hour since, I had been poked and prodded so much in the last few months, I freaking NEEDED a break. My doc agreed to it and, I found out today that the results from the 1 hour were completely within norms. YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!!!

And lastly, I felt the first little hiccups yesterday from Noah! LOL  I was sitting on the exam table chatting with Pat and waiting for the doctor to arrive when, I felt the rhythmic tap, tap, tap that I remember so well with Sydney when she would get hiccups!  It was sooo cute!

31 Week Update

You are now 31 weeks pregnant, which is the beginning of week 32. Your baby weighs about 1.7kg (1,700 grams or approximately 3 lbs 12 ozs) and measures about 43 cm from head to toe (or just under 17 inches). Some women start feeling heavy and large now and may need to slow down, perhaps finding physical tasks are requiring more effort as the weeks pass by. You may consider stopping work (if employed) during the next few weeks.
Your baby has now put on enough weight to make them look a little chubby! The fine hair that covered their entire body (called lanugo) now disappears from their face, but remains on their torso. Most babies sleep about 90% of the time at this stage, in between having shorts bursts of movement when awake (every 1 to 2 hours). Many unborn babies like to be active during the evenings when their mother is trying to sleep, between 9pm and 1am! (aint that the TRUTH!)

Your baby’s lungs continue to mature, producing increasing amounts of ‘surfactant’. This is a fatty liquid (called phospholipid) that lines their lungs, keeping them moist and helping the sacs within them (called alveoli) to expand efficiently for breathing. Your baby’s sucking and swallowing action (required to drink milk) fully coordinates between 32 to 34 weeks. However, if your baby is born during this time they may require fluids and glucose through a drip in their vein and/or be fed with a fine tube inserted through their mouth or nose, because suckling tires them quickly.

Babies born at around 32 weeks still need to be cared for in an intensive care nursery. Nearly 80% of preterm babies are born between 32 to 37 weeks gestation and are regarded as being ‘mildly preterm’. If born at 31 to 32 weeks, they have about a 95% chance of survival

Are you 31 weeks pregnant? Check out’s week by week calendar to learn more about you and your baby.



  1. Passing the GD test is HUGE Suzie. Congrats what great news for you! I loved the hiccups too. I can’t believe Noah will be here soon…your pregnancy is flying by. I feel like Troy was just born and here you are about to have your little boy too. Where is the time going? Enjoy these last couple of months!

  2. Thanks Lor, I am soo excited about passing!

    The hiccups WERE totally cute but, he is getting them ALL the time now! HA

  3. What a relief, passing your GD test. You really do need one less thing to worry about!!

    Hiccups…that is one of THE BEST parts of pg!! Enjoy! 🙂

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