Posted by: mommyq | March 16, 2008

I get so emotional baby…

Man oh man, I forgot how HORRENDOUS post pregnancy hormones can be! LMAO  I am laughing and smiling one minute and a blubbering mess the next.  The baby care part of things has certainly been easier the second time around but, the hormones remain the same! LOL

Noah is a pretty good baby so far and has been content to eat, sleep and poop and, doesn’t fuss TOO much.  We however, are bad in the newborn stage and, always jump at any tiny peep! HA  Well, they say you cannot spoil a newborn so, we take full advantage and, cuddle the crap out of them! 🙂  We all had a rough sleep night last night but, I think it was more the fact that it was tooo warm in here.  Pat couldn’t sleep, Noah was fussy and, once I got him settled, Sydney woke up crying and needing me.  Hopefully we have the temp better tonight cuz we all need a good night sleep especially since Pat is back at work tomorrow! (YIKES!)  He wanted to take a week vacation when we move so, he only took one week for the baby and, I am dreading the fact that it is OVER!

Breastfeeding so far has been hit or miss just like it was with Sydney.  He nursed SOOO well at the start and, was a champ until my milk came in.  He is a slow eater so, I think what happened was, I just had too much milk (I was engorged like crazy) and, he couldn’t handle it!  So, we did formula for a few days to supplement and now that the boobs are less engorged, the breastfeeding is going much better.

Sydney is still doing so well.  She loves her little brother to pieces.  The minute he PEEPS she is by his side: covering him with a blanket, offering him his soother, patting his little head or giving him a kiss.  She is like a little mommy!  I am soo proud of her.

Sorry for the semi dis-jointed update but, I am sooo tired right now, I am suprized I can even type!




  1. Oh Sue, postpartum hormones are brutal!! I was always so emotional and anxious after having the kids.

    It’s funny how quickly life gets back to normal with second and subsequent babies, eh?

  2. Oh Suzie- I can so relate to the post partum hormones- I swear I’m still dealing with them 7 months later… Good luck with the breast feeding!! Sounds like Syd is a wonderful little helper for you.

  3. Thanks! It is so nice to know I am NOT the only one that has dealt with the craziness!

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