Posted by: mommyq | March 26, 2008

Happy Belated Easter!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!  We had a busy one but, it was nice.  We visited with my aunts/uncles on Saturday and, went up to visit Grandma & Grandpa H on Sunday.  We had a great time at both and, ate way too much! LOL  I forgot my camera on Sunday but, thankfully, Grandma was prepared and sent me some pictures:

The gang less Grandma who took the picture and Grandpa who at this point was sleeping on a chair in the living room! LOL

Things are still, for the most part, going blissfully well as a mommy of 2 with the exception of this morning when both of my children decided that they wanted to portray little maniacs.  I had Sydney who was just an unusual royal terror.  Then, there was Noah who was also unusually cranky and unsettled.  Sydney was in the living room getting frustrated with her toys, whining, crying and just generally cranky and I had Noah in our bedroom sleeping for minutes and then waking crying and needing to be settled.  This went on for a good solid hour (that felt like 5) and I had had enough of running back and forth so, I took Syd to her room for a rest (which she obviously desperately needed) and once I got her settled focused my attention on Noah who, had a massive poop moments later and fell right off to sleep! LOL  Syd just woke up about 10 minutes ago and, called to me, “I feel better now mommy!”  HA  Too funny.

I have another SWEET picture to post with a cute story from last week:

This was an evening where Noah was laying on our bed awake and, Syd had just finished with her bath.  He was getting tired and fussy so, I put him next to his sister when she came out of the tub all wrapped in her towel.  She immediately started kissing him like shown in the picture and, within seconds, her little brother was FAST asleep!

Well, enough with the quick update, I am off to get some lunch started for me and Sydney before Noah wakes up.  He is sooo funny…he rarely cries but, food is his one weakness.  As soon as he starts stirring, his rooting starts and, if you don’t feed him within minutes, he will start fussing up a storm and increasing the desperate rooting…he looks like he hasn’t eaten in a year the way he starts to carry on.  I usually take advantage of the starving baby and, get what we refer to as ‘hungry man kisses’.  If you put your face near him at this time, he will ‘kiss’ you with an open mouth. LOL  It is the highlight of my day.



  1. Oh Suzie you are making me miss the early baby stages. Noah is so sweet and Sydney kissing him to sleep is just precious. So happy to hear that all is going well- with the exception of this morning but sounds like you got it under control with no problem.

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