Posted by: mommyq | March 30, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes!

Ahhh, the fun times when raising a toddler.  So, yesterday afternoon, I was changing Noah’s pooped diaper and, Sydney was in her USUAL spot RIGHT BY MY SIDE and, was waiting to offer up the wipes.  Well, I opened the diaper and we were greated with more poo than a newborn should be able to hold and, what does my lovely daughter say?  “OHHHH CRAP!”  Mwahhaaa!!  See, now at this point, I probably should have been serious and should have let her know that we just don’t use words like that but, I was too busy crying laughing that I just couldn’t possibly turn this into a serious scolding.  Her timing and delivery was just toooo perfect!!

I am doing well..just really tired right now.  Pat has had a busy schedule lately so, it has started to take his toll.  He has been working since Monday and, doesn’t have a day off till April 7th!  Thankfully next weekend his “work” is teaching a course for some friends and family and, I am attending as well so, that will be a nice break.  So, I am just chomping at the bit for next Friday to arrive.  Pat is off for a week from the 7th in order to get us moved so, that should be a nice busy week!!  We will be starting the Monday and taking over the smaller stuff, cleaning, organizing etc. and, the game plan is to have the bulk of the boxes moved so, when Saturday rolls around, we will only need to load up the large items (beds, dressers, etc.) and move them.  P.S.  We are offering free pizza and beer on Saturday, April 12th for anyone interested in helping us move! LOL

Well, I am off…Noah is sleeping and, I want to get showered and get some tidying up done.  Bill, Cathy, Alex & Joey are visiting today so, I want to at least be presentable! LOL

For those that made it this far…some pictures:

Fun with balloons at my baby shower! (sorry Jean, but I had to post this)

Sydney filling in on the phones.  No worries, she is probably head and shoulders smarter than the people we deal with on a day to day basis! LOL

The sign of any good day…children passed out and quiet in the back of the car! LOL

Pretending to read (note the empty shelves in the back…packing is well underway!)

Sis and bro chillaxin after a hard day of making mommy crazy! LOL

I had to post this outtake because Syd’s face is cracking me up!

My little porker..always has his mouth open for food!



  1. Suzie- I hope you are able to get some rest soon- I’m on almost 8 months of no sleep so I feel your pain. Sydney is so cute with her little innocent “oh crap!” comment. Vanessa’s new thing is to announce “I have diarhea!” to everyone. lol!! They are so much fun eh?

  2. OMG 8 months Lor!! Syd slept through at just under 4 months so, I am PRAYING for a repeat from this little man!

    They are so funny at this age! I love it….for the MOST part! HA

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