Posted by: mommyq | April 9, 2008

One Month!!!

I cannot believe that my little man is one month old already!!!

Noah had his one month check up today and, it was great. He is now 8lbs, 8oz. which is up 2 lbs from his birth weight of 6lbs, 8oz. I didn’t have many questions since, for the most part, he is a pretty good baby. He has had some gas issues for the last week or so and, has been pooping like a million times a day but, my midwife said it is probably just due to him eating quickly (since he does suck it back). We are still BFing but, formula suplementing as well. I am hoping to go to at least 6 months like I did with Sydney so, hopefully my milk supply will hold up. I dressed him in real clothes for the first time (since before this he was pretty much wearing sleepers) and, he looked so cute in his little man outfit!

and a few other random pics:



  1. It’s amazing how quickly they change eh? What a handsome little man he is. I still see Sydney in him too. I can’t believe that a month has already gone by. How are YOU recovering??

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